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Happy Holidays

Hi ya’ll.

Today is a release day! My hew holiday short is out from Torquere Press. This was a fun little thing I wrote just for the holidays, hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Blurb: It’s Christmas, and Jamie has just finished shopping only to find his car has a dead battery. He calls up ADAC, the German roadside assistance service, and Stefan arrives to jump his battery. The battery isn’t the only thing getting charged up as Jamie finds himself increasingly aroused by the Italian mechanic. When Jamie’s car is finally started, will that be the last he sees of Stefan, or will this be the start of something new?

Check out the gorgeous new sip covers:

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Here’s an excerpt:

Jamie blinked at the man as he leaned out of the truck. He had dark brown hair, eyes the color of a rich Italian espresso, olive-toned skin, and a five o’clock shadow that made Jamie itch to run his palm across it.

“Hallo? James Ishay?” the guy repeated, emphasizing the long a.

The deep, accented voice caressing his name distracted Jamie; it was so different from the German accents he was used to, so much softer, not as harsh, more flowing, erotic. And wow, did he sound like a twelve year old girl. Jamie mentally kicked himself, nodding his head and sincerely hoping he didn’t look as dumb as he felt to be caught staring at the poor guy. “Uh, yeah, I’m Jamie. I mean, James Ishay but everyone calls me Jamie. My little sis started it, she had this lisp whenever she said the letter ‘s’ so she just started calling me Jamie and the rest of the family picked it up and it just stuck.”

The ADAC guy stared at him, wide-eyed and Jamie felt his cheeks redden, making him curse his fair, freckled skin and the fact that he tended to babble when he got nervous.

“Sorry, you don’t need to know all that. Just call me Jamie.”

A warm smile made him forget his prattling. “Jamie. You have dead batteria, yes? Show it to me, bitte.”

“Sure. It’s just down there–”

“No, show me.” The guy jerked his head toward the passenger seat.

“What? Yeah, okay.”

Jamie walked around the back of the truck, muttering to himself about not scaring off the nice ADAC man who was going to jumpstart his car so he could go home and hide and never come out again.

“Thanks,” Jamie said, hopping up into the truck.

“Non c’é problema. Name’s Stefan.”

Stefan stuck his hand out and Jamie shook it trying not to wax poetic in his head about how strong the grip was and how long Stefan’s fingers were.

I’ll be blogging about “The Next Big Thing next week so be sure to stop by and check that out, I’ll be talking about something newish? Also, another release day next week – my short story “Come Fly With Me” will be in the new Ink anthology from Torquere. More about that next week.

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Hi all!

Sorry I didn’t do this yesterday but RL kind of jumped on me with both feet.

Anyway, using a random number generator I found on we have a winner!

Congrats go out to ^V^ Jennnifer (@Valress) – the number generator thingie picked her!

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Charity Sip Blog Hop

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Leather and Love: How Romance Helps Stamp Out Hate

I’m a military spouse and we live overseas. So the trials, travails, and what not of being a military spouse are first and foremost in my mind. With the repeal of DADT, the US military now allows LGBQT people to serve openly. Not that they weren’t serving already, they just had to be ~discreet.

The doors have started to open and I couldn’t be happier. The idea that a LGBTQ partner couldn’t be notified if something happened to their active duty partner boggled my mind and frankly upset me a great deal. Because I could put myself in their shoes – what if it was my husband that was injured in a war zone and it was against regulations to notify me because I was the wrong sex? I mean, just saying that sounds ridiculous. But that’s what DADT meant.

But its repeal is only the first step. LGBTQ people still don’t have access to spousal benefits. They can’t claim their partner as a dependent, their partner doesn’t have access to medical or dental benefits nor do their partner’s kids unless the military member has adopted them, and their partner doesn’t have commissary or exchange privileges.

Now, I know this may sound silly to a lot of you, but imagine this: Your partner has just taken three year orders overseas.

The military won’t spend money to move both of you, you aren’t allowed in base housing, and you cannot shop where all the rest of the Americans shop because you don’t have spousal rights or privileges. If the kids are yours? They can’t attend the American school. And if you get sick? It’s out to the local hospital and you have to pay for it out of your pocket. Which by the way? The take home pay is less for someone without dependents than it is for someone with dependents.

A lot of people would ask, well why doesn’t the military change all that? Because the military is a federal entity and is therefore governed by federal law. And right now? Federal Law is DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act defining marriage as being between a man and a woman. Until DOMA is gone, there will be no spousal rights for LGBTQ partners.

This is why the NOH8 campaign is so important to me. They are fighting and raising awareness for those rights every single day. I was so thrilled and proud to have my short story be a part of this year’s Charity Sip line because the money goes to support NOH8.

Our country took some major steps in this past election with gay marriage bans being defeated in several states. But it’s not enough. It needs to move up to the federal level because there are LGBTQ people serving in the military and they do have partners but they don’t have benefits.

So check out the Charity Sip line, buy some ebooks because the money goes toward a good cause and hopefully someday soon it WILL reach the federal level and everyone will have the rights they deserve. And hatred will be a thing of the past.

In honor of the Charity Sip Blog Hop I’m offering a giveaway. One random commenter on this post will win a copy of both my Charity Sip story and my most recent Halloween story Mystical Convergency. I will pick the winner on Monday, 11 November 2012. You have until 0800 GMT +1 on Monday, 11 November 2012 (that’s 6 hours ahead of EST for those of you in the US) to leave a comment.

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Blurb: Zeke is a writer, who spends his evenings working as a valet at The Palm Restaurant, and lusting after a particular silver BMW 3 Series and its owner. Josh is the owner of that BMW and the only thing he enjoys about his routine evenings at The Palm is the red-haired valet who parks his car. When Josh is injured in an accident at the restaurant and Zeke is volunteered to drive him home, will their time spent together result in something more – or will Zeke forever remain the nameless valet who parks Josh’s car?

Take one feisty valet, one straight-laced banker, mix in a fancy car and a long drive out to Malibu, and see what pulls up.

You can find it Here or at

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