Hi all!

So I read a fantastic post the other day about Social Media and the lessons we learned from the Super Bowl Ads. You can find it Here.

Well, I can honestly say, I really took it to heart and realized that about the only time I post over here is when I’m trying to push my next publication. I don’t want it to be like that anymore – it shouldn’t have been like that to start with.

I’m going to try something new. I’m going to start off with attempting two blog posts a week. One on Mondays and one on Fridays and I already have themes. Movie Mondays and Fandom, Fiction, and Food Fridays. On Mondays I’ll obviously talk about movies, either something we’ve just seen in the theater, something I want to see, or something we’ve recently watched on DVD – warning this will contain discussions of kids’ movies watched AD NAUSEUM LOL. Fridays I’ll talk about fandoms I’ve been in or are still in and why, something about what I’m currently working on, and my newest food obsession for the week LOL.

I hope you’ll all join me. I’m going to try to do the first one this Friday!

See you then.



2 responses to “Update

  1. Hi Katherine,
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. Glad you liked the sentiment. It’s tough trying to decide what to write on your blog. Your themes sound great! I love having a theme, it makes it so much easier to write your posts. Good luck!

    • Hi Jessica,

      As you can tell, your post really made me stop and think about how I’d been using my blog and made me resolve to do things differently from here on out. It is really tough trying to decide what to write about – since I think my everyday life is fairly mundane LOL. After reading your post though, I really gave it some thoughts and followed the old adage “write what you know” and those are all things that are near and dear to my heart so I figured why not write about them. Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by! <333 KH

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