My First Fiction Friday!

So since fiction is on my mind today, today is Fiction Friday.

I submitted a short story a while back for an anthology and although the publisher rejected it, they said they liked the story and encouraged me to expand the word count and submit it as a novella. That’s been my main writing focus as of late. I’ve surpassed the word count, but I can’t seem to make the story connect and, of course, there’s all that self-doubt that maybe my writing is just crap and the stuff I’ve added is just so much filler.

One of my main characters has been wallowing in self-pity to the point where even I want to tell him to man-up and stop selling himself short. At least that’s what it felt like until I looked back over things and then I thought, no, he’s just a waffle. He needs to make up his mind – is he going to flirt or is he going to continue to think he’s not good enough and not take the risk?

Oops, had to take a break to take my kid to German soccer training. While I was there I managed to give my MC the kick in the ass I think he needed and I think the story is back on track. Honestly what I think I needed was some quiet (distraction-free) time to think.

See my hubs has night duty/call this weekend so he was home all day. Also, we are in the process of looking for a house in Virginia so he was talking and asking questions and basically keeping me from concentrating. Once I had no demands being placed on me I was able to get my brain in the right place and get my MC to unscrew himself.

Now, there’s still a part of me that thinks what I’ve written is crap but a few more polishing touches, plot tweaks and it will be off to my pre-readers who will either confirm or deny my fears LOL.

Anyone else have a story about when they really needed to get something done (and it can be anything) and their family (no matter how much you love them – because goodness knows my hubs is my other half!) was just an unwanted distraction? When you just wanted to say ‘please just give me one hour to myself, that’s all I need and then I’m all yours’?

So that’s my story for Fiction Friday – tell me yours.

Also, thanks to Buttononthetop for the edit *smishes*

<3333 KH


6 responses to “My First Fiction Friday!

  1. Food luck with the resubmitting, I’m sure it’s not crap πŸ™‚

  2. Good for you finally getting a regular blog post going. I keep meaning to do that.

    Are we talking whole in the roof story? You’ve given a certain someone a kick up the arse? Good. Send it over when you’re ready πŸ˜€

    • IKR? It’s been a long time coming, but yeah, I need to get better at it. Who knows maybe more than two people will actually read it then LOL.

      And yes, we’re talking the Hole in the Roof story. Awesome – thanks so much, I hope to finish it this week πŸ˜€

  3. LOL, I meant hole not whole.

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