Just Another Manic Monday

Look at me, two blogs in a row! YAY 😀

I’m shamelessly yanking this from Josephine Myles who has a fantastic blog Here which you should totally check out because she’s a hoot and an AMAZING writer with an adorable daughter and a penchant for knitting and sewing and making fantastic clothes!

Accomplished: Not much, last week was kind of a bad writing week, and seeing how I just started this I have no word count totals to give you, but look forward to that next week.

Real Life: Lots of moving planning, trolling real estate websites, talking with our real estate agent, and making sure the school here has sent records to the private school we’re applying at for our kid.

Which brings me to another point about the epiphany I had last week. I was chatting with Buttononthetop last night and she pointed out that about mid-November until about mid/late January is pretty much a bust for getting anything accomplished. And she’s right, there’s Thanksgiving and then Christmas, and then New Years, this year we had the in-laws in for almost three weeks, and then the entire month of January is this weird month where the school never has a full week. Every week the kids either had one or even two days off. Which meant most days I was treading water just to keep up with the housework, the laundry and whatnot – let alone trying to get any writing done /o\.

Throw all our moving preps on top of that, planning out our final trips here, and it’s no wonder my muse was in hiding and I was feeling more and more frustrated with writing. But things have settled down to a mild roar, I’ve managed to incorporate all this move/trip planning into my schedule and I’m even going to start incorporating exercise into it as well. I think a more structured schedule might make me more productive – at least that’s what I’m hoping. So I have written out a schedule for the writing tasks I want to accomplish this week.

Goals for this week: I’d like to get to the gym twice this week, I’m shooting for Tuesday and Thursday. I need to finish an edit for a friend, and continue work on another edit that is WAY overdue (sorry Choccy). I need to finish an edit on a fanfic (yes I still write those, but not much) and get it posted. I intend to finish up the novella I talked about on Friday and get it out to my pre-readers for their chop. I have one more fannish thing to finish up – a belated birthday gift for a friend and I hope to finish that this week *fingers crossed*. I plan to finally figure out how to start the story I’ve got in mind for a submission due in June. And finally, dust off one of my old finished pieces, start updating and refining it and bringing it up to submission standards. Lofty goals I know, but I think they’re attainable. We’ll see. Check out this space next TUESDAY to see how I did.

Coming this Friday – more Fiction Friday – this time a review!

Hope everyone has a great week!

<333 KH


13 responses to “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. *hugs* Good goals, bb! Best of luck for a nice, productive week. 🙂

  2. Hey, at least you know you are moving. Sigh. I am in the hurry up and wait mode, applying for jobs, unsure if it will be this summer or next summer. Will it be somewhere I have to find my own place to live or somewhere that comes with accommodation? Oh and where will my daughter be going to University? Will she pick Montreal 2 hours away, or BC 5 hours by plane away thus necessitating a different kind of move. Sigh.

    But I’m kind of looking forward to the opportunity to have a giant kick-ass garage sale and get rid of so much junk. Out, out damn junk. I’m having these fantasies of living in a place with only minimal stuff. No clutter, no “stuff”. Of course I know when you have kids that kind of life is impossible. They need to keep everything. But my time is coming to purge baby, purge. 🙂

    Good luck and hope the school stuff is taken care of.

    • Yes, this is true, we know we are, approx when we are, and where we are moving. Hurry Up and Wait, that’s where we were a few months ago – such a pain to be in that position, I know. Throw college on top of that and WOW stress /o\ I wish you all the best and hope it all works out the way it’s supposed to.

      Ahh the purge – yup we do that too. We end up purging both before and AFTER the move. Every single time we unpack I come across something and I’m like “Why the hell did we drag this with us?” and out it goes. And we do massive purges before each move, usually because I’m worried about the weight limit (which we are ALWAYS under but still) we both have a lot of books and as you know books are heavy LOL.

      Good luck with your purge – sometimes it can be difficult. OH I have those same fantasies and then of course when I go to purge there are some things I just can’t let go of LOL. And yes, kids are packrats by nature. I usually go through my kid’s stuff when he’s not home LOL.

      Thanks so much! You too! <3333

  3. Just wanted to say hi, to give you more than two comments 😀 Nothing to add since I knew all of that stuff from our last emails. But hey at least the comments are from two different people. On my blog I only get comments from you unless I’m giving stuff away!

  4. You have moving dates? Will it be before or after the UK Meet?
    And good luck with everything

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