Freak Out Friday

It’s Freak Out Friday

I apologize ahead of time for the rambling nature of this post and also for any errors but by the time you finish reading I hope you’ll understand why <3333

There wasn't a post on Monday because we spent the weekend in Paris seeing as how Monday was President's Day and therefore a school and federal holiday for Americans. Tuesday I spent catching up with email and laundry and grocery shopping and whatnot. And then lo and behold Wednesday instead of writing or doing a blog post or anything productive – I had a freak out.

See, we are getting ready to move back to the States this summer. We've been here for three years, the hubs has orders, so it's time to go. We do this a lot, we're used to this, we move every two to three years, no big deal. But Wednesday, I had a freak out.

This is not unusual either. Moving is stressful, changing jobs/schools/etc is stressful and we're doing all of that in one go. So my brain decided on Wednesday to go down the rabbit hole of my nursing licensure. I'm licensed in California and I was licensed in Virginia but because of mail issues and them sending out reminders via snail mail and not email I let my license lapse while we've been over here because I simply forgot to renew.

Along with my license comes certification and various other associations I belong to. No big deal, except my certification is expiring this year and in order to renew it I need practice hours or to retake the test. No big deal, except my test is being retired so I either need to take it before the end of 2014 or I need to apply to take the NEW exam.

So this is what I spent my Wednesday freaking out about. I got all my CEUs lined up, figured out just exactly how many I still have left to do and where I can get them from. I also looked up my old graduate program to see if they were still accredited and researching both the exam that is being retired and the new exam and contemplating how awful life would become if I had to start studying to take either one of them. Plus there's the entirely terrifying prospect of finding a part time job when I return to the States in order to get the clinical hours I need so I don't actually HAVE to take the exam. I'm a stay at home Mom right now and I LIKE being one. I'm not sure I WANT to work but I also don't want to give up my certification – so rock meet hard place.

Couple that with yesterday where my hubs spent almost two hours with the military travel folks arranging our flight home – at first we were all flying on different days from different cities /o\. Finally they got us ALL on the same flight, same day, to the same place INCLUDING the dog – which is a further complication because there is an embargo on dogs leaving the country from the city where we currently live so we have to fly someplace else and get the international flight from there. Then we hit up housing and arranged our housing inspection (which freaks me out because CLEANING), our temporary hotel lodging our last three nights here, got tentative dates for our car shipment AND our household goods shipment. Oh and we skyped with our real estate agent about a property we're interested in – so busy day yesterday.

Combine all that together and it leads up to MASSIVE FREAK OUT which I absolutely cannot telegraph to my child because he is already stressing over the move – he's told me that and he talks about it with his friend Sarah. Now, again, this is not his first move, that happened when he was four months old LOL. But as he gets older he understands more what moving means – that he has to change schools, lose friends, make new friends, get a new place to live, leave the old place – that's a lot for a kid. Now, mind you, military kids tend to be a bit savvier than your average kid because they have to be – they move a lot, they have to make new friends in a short amount of time and get themselves up and running in their new environment pretty quickly, and they've lived a lot of places. My kid's lived in California, Cuba, Washington, D.C. and now Germany. He's been to almost half the states in the US and several countries over here in Europe – so yeah, savvier. Doesn't mean it's not stressful.

That writing THANG – I'm working on it, I've gotten zero writing done this week because of the epic freak out. I submitted something back in December and haven't heard back on it and it's reaching the 'twelve' week guideline so I'm faced with emailing them an inquiry. I'm working on a possible submission to MLR for their Average Joe sub call – that deadline is June 1st. I don't have time for freak outs unfortunately the writing 'thang' and deadlines make me even jumpier.

I kind of feel like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off so I make lists except last week my lists stressed me out so I had to throw them out. /o\

Bottom line – I'm not complaining – it is what it is, I knew the life I was getting into when I married my hubs, but moving is stressful no matter how you look at it, it's affecting my writing which my good friend Lillian Francis pointed out happened the LAST time we moved – so I need to find a happy medium in between the stressing and the moving and the writing. I'll find it, but right now, I'm still working off the vestiges of my epic freak out LOL.

So tell me – what do you all have on your plate? Anyone else having an epic freak out like me? Please share, because you know, misery LOVES company 😀


<3333 KH


2 responses to “Freak Out Friday

  1. Well, crap, now I’m freaking out on your behalf. LOL My daughter was four when we moved back to Canada from Poland. She flat out refused to come. She was going to stay with her nanny there. End of story. I think the way we convinced her was she had seen ads for some cartoon on TV but we couldn’t get it in Poland and we told her we could get it in Canada.

    It is stressful the move. It’s been awhile since we’ve done it, but so much to think about. I think it’s almost worse coming back because then you are entirely on your own, whereas usually there are people to take care of you when you arrive abroad. Mojo that you manage to work everything out and can breath a bit easier.

    • Awww you’re sweet 😀

      O__O Oh wow, well at least mine hasn’t refused to come with us yet LOL. I think part of him is actually looking forward to it because he talks about restaurants he misses and he’s really excited about the soccer program we found for him so there’s that.

      Yes, we did have sponsors here and of course neighbors that pitched in immediately – we won’t have that in the States – we’ll have the grandparents of course but no neighbors that immediately pitch in to help because we won’t be living on base – that is one advantage to living on base. We’re all in the same boat so everyone pitches in even though you’re new.

      Thanks so much and good luck with your upcoming plans as well. <333

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