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Fun Friday – My Travels

I’m back – but who knows for how long. As most of you have probably guessed, real life has been super busy – that’s what happens when you’re planning a trans-Atlantic move with a husband, a kid, and a dog.

Moving plans are actually going quite well, we have pack out dates and have reserved our loaner furniture. I’ve gone through my clothes and our DVDs and purged. Next up – kid’s clothes and then toys. Hubs is on his own to go through his clothes. After that, just miscellaneous stuff throughout the house. We’ve pretty much decided which stuff will not be making the trip back to America and what new stuff we’ll have to buy and looking forward to getting our stuff out of storage.

That all aside, it’s still stressful and my writing has suffered for it. I have not written very much this month, although some of that was due to travel and visiting with friends, but still. I’m FINALLY almost finished with my fanfic bday fic for my friend @luvinjrandsmoke. This fic has been a long time coming and I only have to write the final scene /.

The multiple POV fic that I’ve been talking about – I’m not sure what to say about it – it’s not working right – I don’t know, I’ve been waffling on the name of the second MC, it’s changed three times and I’m still not sure he’s got the right name. Also, he’s changed jobs. It’s supposed to be for the “Average Joe” sub call over at MLR Press, but I’m not sure I will finish it in time  Plus, there might be too much story for their word count limits. Honestly, I think it’s falling victim to the moving stress /o\

The good writing news though is that my follow up to A Watched Demon Always Boils seems to be coming along. I have it plotted out in my head and just need to work through the writing – so here’s hoping that one will finish before too awful long. (See moving stress though)

And now onto the fun stuff – traveling.

Earlier this month I went to Denmark to meet some online friends, @lovenhardt1, @qafmaniac, @VoodooDoll70, @meandmypixie, and @moodwriter. We stayed in a vacation house and just talked about families, kids, writing, fandom, all things Adam LOL. We had a blast and it was so awesome to meet them!

A few days after I returned home, @buttononthetop came to visit and stayed a week! So much fun to spend time with her, take her to some of our favorite spots here in Germany and have someone (not my husband) who knows exactly what I’m thinking and is able to finish my sentences for me. We also mainlined Queer as Folk and made it into the second season! UGH I wish we lived closer.

Finally, last week it was off to Finland. Stayed with @moodwriter, joined by @lovenhardt1, @meandmypixie, @Glamlawyer, and met up with @maggy_97, @igobymanynames and @feeltheweight. Finland was gorgeous, cold but gorgeous, the people were super friendly and @moodwriter and her husband were very gracious hosts.

We went sightseeing and shopping one day and the other day – we did this!

And it was amazing – it’s always amazing to see him perform live – what a voice!

So that’s all from me, time to get back to writing, see if I can finish off that birthday fic seeing as how my original characters seem to have gone into hiding :/

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it and to those that don’t – Happy Weekend!


Fiction Friday – Kids in Stories

So, I’m here in Denmark, hanging out with friends, talking, having fun, getting to know each other – seriously so much fun. We did Raclette last night, something I’ve never done, although we did do something similar in Japan when we were visiting friends, but we did it at a restaurant. And now I’m looking at Raclette grills that will work in the US – surprisingly they are available on Amazon! But I digress, we have some downtime, we’re all online, either on LJ, youtube, twitter, or whatever strikes our fancy. I was reading Lillian Francis’ Post about picking her favorite book out of a series she just read recently and it dawned on me – I HAVE TIME TO WRITE MY BLOG POST – so I’m doing it.

So Fiction Friday – hmmmm what to talk about – well Lillian mentions kids in stories in her post – how do you all feel about that? Especially those of you that are parents? Do you like reading about couples with kids? Would you rather not because it’s too close to home? And what if the kids are portrayed completely unrealistically? (I’ve read a few – where the kids are perfect, the parents are perfect, there’s never any problems – the baby doesn’t projectile vomit as you’re leaving the doctor’s office, the toddler doesn’t throw a tantrum in the grocery store because you bought the wrong kind of cereal, the second grader doesn’t have an emotional meltdown because the restaurant doesn’t have cheese quesadillas, and the teenager never says ‘you’re ruining my life’) By the way, all of those (teenager aside because my kid isn’t old enough) HAVE HAPPENED TO ME.

So for me, if the kids are portrayed in an unrealistic manner – it throws me out of the story because I know from personal experience that the average five year old is not precocious and they are mostly selfish. If it raises the bullshit flag – I tend to back away because it gnaws at me and I can’t get past it and I think if the author can’t portray kids realistically then how can I trust what else is in the story?

This is relevant because Anna Lee has convinced me to try to write something for MLR’s Average Joe sub call and the idea that came to me involves kids. Nic is a zoologist and his sister is killed in a car crash and he becomes an instant father to his two nieces – to me this is rife with Nic NOT being the perfect father and the kids NOT being the perfect kids. So here’s hoping I can pull it off and not be made to eat my own words LOL.

In other writing news, I’m working on demons again – FINALLY. I realized that the whole opening sequence was not only wrong, but written from the wrong point of view. I have since fixed the point of view problem (and boy howdy was that a lot of work) and am now working on adding to the opening sequence and starting earlier in the storyline because it occurred to me that people might actually want to SEE what was previously only discussed. So there’s that.

So tell me – kids – how do you feel about them in fic? Want them, not want them, and why.

Have a great weekend.

TTFN from Denmark!

<333 KH

Just Another Manic TUESDAY!

Apologies for the late posting, went shopping with a friend yesterday and then my hubs had a colleague over for dinner so it was quite the busy day. Speaking of being busy, I will be busy until about the middle of April. I’m off to Denmark tomorrow. The following week my friend @buttononthetop is coming to visit for a week (I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!) The day after she leaves I’m off to Finland for the weekend. Two weeks later is Spring Break! WOO HOOOOO 😀

So while I will try to post at least once a week, the posting schedule will be sketchy at best as I will probably post when I can instead of on my regular Mon/Fri posting days.

I suspect, with our upcoming move, that there will be other times that posting will be sketchy but I will do my best! So forgive me, but eventually I will get back to the regularly scheduled program – oops, I mean posting ;p

Have a great week!



Fiction Friday – Head Hopping

I survived the week! YAY me LOL. Well, okay it’s not QUITE over yet. I still have to get through today which means, laundry and the Lenten Soup Supper at our church which the hubs is going to be late for because of a mandatory fun attendance to a screening of Zero Dark Thirty. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s going but I wasn’t the one raised Catholic. So really the Adoration of Mary and the Stations of the Cross – totally not my thing. The soup supper – I’m definitely there but the other – I’m taking my Kindle, gonna see if I can get away with reading gay romance on my Kindle.

Speaking of gay romance/gay erotica/erotica/romance – there’s been a lot of discussions about this around the web as of late. You should check out Lillian Francis’ Blog – Dealer in Decadence about it over here, it also links to Alex Beecroft’s post about it as well. Two really insightful posts about what exactly we write.

And speaking of writing, let’s talk about POV. And no, I’m not talking first person, versus third person or whatnot. I’m talking about head hopping. Jumping from one character’s POV to another character’s POV.

I will freely admit, I started out writing fanfic – HET fanfic at that *GASP* – And I might go back to writing het *MORTIFIED GASP* because there’s a story that’s been tugging at me lately that wants to be written. That aside, I still write some fanfic, not much, a few drabbles, and this birthday fic that is quickly becoming my nemesisssss ;p When I first started writing, I head hopped, A LOT. I flitted from one character’s head to another until finally someone pointed out to me that if I’m writing from character A’s POV then he/she/it wouldn’t know what’s going on inside the head of character B.

Then I found myself trying to restrict my writing to one POV, picking a character and sticking with it. Until now. Now I have a story I’m working on that is insisting on being told from both characters’ POV – they both have something to say about how they ended up together.

So my question is this…or rather questions…how do you feel about head hopping? Is it distracting? Do you even notice it? And really the most important one – how is head hopping different from third person omniscient? And if it’s not really that different then how was what I was doing head hopping and not third person omniscient or even universal omniscient?

I’m sure I’m not the only one with these questions – so talk, engage, discuss – so I can learn from your discussions – see I have motives ;p

That’s all from me now. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! See ya’ll on Monday!