Just Another Manic TUESDAY!

Apologies for the late posting, went shopping with a friend yesterday and then my hubs had a colleague over for dinner so it was quite the busy day. Speaking of being busy, I will be busy until about the middle of April. I’m off to Denmark tomorrow. The following week my friend @buttononthetop is coming to visit for a week (I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!) The day after she leaves I’m off to Finland for the weekend. Two weeks later is Spring Break! WOO HOOOOO 😀

So while I will try to post at least once a week, the posting schedule will be sketchy at best as I will probably post when I can instead of on my regular Mon/Fri posting days.

I suspect, with our upcoming move, that there will be other times that posting will be sketchy but I will do my best! So forgive me, but eventually I will get back to the regularly scheduled program – oops, I mean posting ;p

Have a great week!




8 responses to “Just Another Manic TUESDAY!

  1. *Pokepoke* where in Denmark? And when? I’m working, so probably wont be able to meet up, but you never know

    • Haderslev and I’ll be there tomorrow until Saturday – I forgot you were in Denmark too.

      • Are you going up further? Haderslev is too far away when I work, if not just wave up to the north 😉 I’m in Aarhus (Saturday I’m out with my Dad, doing birthday stuff so can’t meet you there)
        I assume you’re visiting someone, Haderslev this time of year sounds -not so touristy *thinks*

        Have fun either way 😀

      • No, unfortunately we’re not. There’s a group of us renting a beach house to just hang out and sightsee a little bit. Bummer – and yeah, I figured it would be a bit cold 😀

        And thank you bb 😀

      • Oh well, if it changes and you get a chance at coming up here before the weekend, just give me a shout on twitter

      • I will definitely let you know. <3333

  2. lillianfrancis

    Jealous of all that jetsetting you’re doing. Way to cram it all in before you go back 😀

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