Fiction Friday – Kids in Stories

So, I’m here in Denmark, hanging out with friends, talking, having fun, getting to know each other – seriously so much fun. We did Raclette last night, something I’ve never done, although we did do something similar in Japan when we were visiting friends, but we did it at a restaurant. And now I’m looking at Raclette grills that will work in the US – surprisingly they are available on Amazon! But I digress, we have some downtime, we’re all online, either on LJ, youtube, twitter, or whatever strikes our fancy. I was reading Lillian Francis’ Post about picking her favorite book out of a series she just read recently and it dawned on me – I HAVE TIME TO WRITE MY BLOG POST – so I’m doing it.

So Fiction Friday – hmmmm what to talk about – well Lillian mentions kids in stories in her post – how do you all feel about that? Especially those of you that are parents? Do you like reading about couples with kids? Would you rather not because it’s too close to home? And what if the kids are portrayed completely unrealistically? (I’ve read a few – where the kids are perfect, the parents are perfect, there’s never any problems – the baby doesn’t projectile vomit as you’re leaving the doctor’s office, the toddler doesn’t throw a tantrum in the grocery store because you bought the wrong kind of cereal, the second grader doesn’t have an emotional meltdown because the restaurant doesn’t have cheese quesadillas, and the teenager never says ‘you’re ruining my life’) By the way, all of those (teenager aside because my kid isn’t old enough) HAVE HAPPENED TO ME.

So for me, if the kids are portrayed in an unrealistic manner – it throws me out of the story because I know from personal experience that the average five year old is not precocious and they are mostly selfish. If it raises the bullshit flag – I tend to back away because it gnaws at me and I can’t get past it and I think if the author can’t portray kids realistically then how can I trust what else is in the story?

This is relevant because Anna Lee has convinced me to try to write something for MLR’s Average Joe sub call and the idea that came to me involves kids. Nic is a zoologist and his sister is killed in a car crash and he becomes an instant father to his two nieces – to me this is rife with Nic NOT being the perfect father and the kids NOT being the perfect kids. So here’s hoping I can pull it off and not be made to eat my own words LOL.

In other writing news, I’m working on demons again – FINALLY. I realized that the whole opening sequence was not only wrong, but written from the wrong point of view. I have since fixed the point of view problem (and boy howdy was that a lot of work) and am now working on adding to the opening sequence and starting earlier in the storyline because it occurred to me that people might actually want to SEE what was previously only discussed. So there’s that.

So tell me – kids – how do you feel about them in fic? Want them, not want them, and why.

Have a great weekend.

TTFN from Denmark!

<333 KH


6 responses to “Fiction Friday – Kids in Stories

  1. I’m kind of ambivalent. I don’t mind as long as they aren’t too unrealistic. I did read a story once about some guy inheriting a new born and it was like a shopping guide for new parents. Every detail of the furniture and things they bought. Um. I don’t care about different kinds of strollers. I’m past that. LOL Also don’t have newborns who sleep 12 hours and give you lots of time to boink.

    I know all kids are different. My daughter never through a tantrum in public, but she’d get this steely look and I knew when we got home I was in for it. Even at such a young age she was very private. And as a teenager she’s pretty much been a dream but there are moments. As a parent though, don’t give me perfect families, not unless your intention is to make me hate their guts. 🙂

    So as long as I like the sound of the blurb, I’m good with kids being involved. Have fun on your trip.

    • I know what you mean – I don’t actively seek them out, but they aren’t a automatic turn off – unless the kids are unrealistic. O__O oh that would be REALLY boring. LOLLL a newborn that sleeps for 12 hours? HA HA HA HA HA.

      This is very true, no child is going to be the same. I think I can imagine that steely look you’re talking about – wish my child would use that instead of expressing his opinion loudly and in public LOL. And YES I think you hit the nail on the head, it makes me resent them if they are too perfect.

      Good point. And thank you!

  2. Ugh, kids :-/
    No thanks, not in RL and not in my books…

  3. lillianfrancis

    Hey, glad I could inspire you to post.

    Well you know my view on kids in books, I tend to steer well clear unless I trust the writer implicitly. Since we’ve traded stories of our own kids on more than one occasion (bless ’em) I think I can trust you to handle a kid-fic.

    Enjoy your trip.

    • Yes, thank you for the inspiration.

      Yeah, I know your view – and I don’t blame you. I know Sean Michael wrote Mannies Incorporated which I really enjoyed.

      And thank you so much 😀 Both about the kids and the trip 😀

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