Fun Friday – My Travels

I’m back – but who knows for how long. As most of you have probably guessed, real life has been super busy – that’s what happens when you’re planning a trans-Atlantic move with a husband, a kid, and a dog.

Moving plans are actually going quite well, we have pack out dates and have reserved our loaner furniture. I’ve gone through my clothes and our DVDs and purged. Next up – kid’s clothes and then toys. Hubs is on his own to go through his clothes. After that, just miscellaneous stuff throughout the house. We’ve pretty much decided which stuff will not be making the trip back to America and what new stuff we’ll have to buy and looking forward to getting our stuff out of storage.

That all aside, it’s still stressful and my writing has suffered for it. I have not written very much this month, although some of that was due to travel and visiting with friends, but still. I’m FINALLY almost finished with my fanfic bday fic for my friend @luvinjrandsmoke. This fic has been a long time coming and I only have to write the final scene /.

The multiple POV fic that I’ve been talking about – I’m not sure what to say about it – it’s not working right – I don’t know, I’ve been waffling on the name of the second MC, it’s changed three times and I’m still not sure he’s got the right name. Also, he’s changed jobs. It’s supposed to be for the “Average Joe” sub call over at MLR Press, but I’m not sure I will finish it in time  Plus, there might be too much story for their word count limits. Honestly, I think it’s falling victim to the moving stress /o\

The good writing news though is that my follow up to A Watched Demon Always Boils seems to be coming along. I have it plotted out in my head and just need to work through the writing – so here’s hoping that one will finish before too awful long. (See moving stress though)

And now onto the fun stuff – traveling.

Earlier this month I went to Denmark to meet some online friends, @lovenhardt1, @qafmaniac, @VoodooDoll70, @meandmypixie, and @moodwriter. We stayed in a vacation house and just talked about families, kids, writing, fandom, all things Adam LOL. We had a blast and it was so awesome to meet them!

A few days after I returned home, @buttononthetop came to visit and stayed a week! So much fun to spend time with her, take her to some of our favorite spots here in Germany and have someone (not my husband) who knows exactly what I’m thinking and is able to finish my sentences for me. We also mainlined Queer as Folk and made it into the second season! UGH I wish we lived closer.

Finally, last week it was off to Finland. Stayed with @moodwriter, joined by @lovenhardt1, @meandmypixie, @Glamlawyer, and met up with @maggy_97, @igobymanynames and @feeltheweight. Finland was gorgeous, cold but gorgeous, the people were super friendly and @moodwriter and her husband were very gracious hosts.

We went sightseeing and shopping one day and the other day – we did this!

And it was amazing – it’s always amazing to see him perform live – what a voice!

So that’s all from me, time to get back to writing, see if I can finish off that birthday fic seeing as how my original characters seem to have gone into hiding :/

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it and to those that don’t – Happy Weekend!



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