Thoughts on Thursday

So, short blog post today. This has been a REALLY busy week. Spring Break starts tomorrow and we are on our way to Italy! We had a dinner guest earlier in the week so that was busy. Also, Jabberwocky (one of many nicknames I have for my son – fairly appropriate because he jabbers constantly and often times it really only makes sense to him LOL) has decided to stop playing soccer for the German team. He’s not enjoying it anymore and says he wants to focus on the American team since it will be starting up when we return.

As you probably know, we are getting ready to move. I’ve managed to sort through all of my clothes and all of our movies and have very large donation piles for both. Next up is sorting through the kid’s clothes but that will have to wait until after we get back as well.

The house needs cleaning when we get back – but when doesn’t it? The dog is already enjoying her time at a Hunde Hotel (at least I hope she is *fingers crossed*) she will be dropped off upon our return as well.

Haircuts – I got my haircut this week, it was long overdue – except she cut it too short. I look like a plucked chicken :(( Has that ever happened to anyone? What do you do? Do you have a favorite/long time hairdresser? Or do you just take the person they give you when you go to the local shop? I figure it’s the last time I’ll be getting my hair cut here on base, the next time will be with my old hairdresser where my parents live (she’s been cutting my hair since I was 12!) so I’m looking forward to that. For now, I’ll just suck it up and wait for it to grow out a little in the next couple of weeks.

Working on my Demon story, also still working on my Average Joe story – I’m really not sure if I’m going to make the cutoff for that one. Still so much to write, not to mention getting it edited before the deadline. Signed up for a bigbang (fandom thing – you know b/c sometimes I just need something fun to write w/characters I don’t have to develop LOL), actually signed up for two – one is super angsty and has been going like gangbusters. Go figure.

What have you all been up to?

One final thing – go check out Lillian’s blog post about autism From the Heart – it’s a really moving post, she did a fantastic job!

Best run, have some more things to finish before I pick up Jabberwocky from school. No posts next week seeing as how it’s Spring Break and all. But I sincerely hope (and plan *fingers crossed again*) to get back to two posts a week upon our return.

Until then – TTFN – have a great week!




4 responses to “Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Hey you. Italy now, wow.
    You know I’m gonna nag you for a photo of that haircut, right
    Ooh new stories, this mean I’ll have something to read soon. Did you hear back on the werewolf story? *racks brain to see if you already mentioned it*
    Fandom thing something I’ll read? *Is curious* Must email you a brilliant fandom AU I read the other day (you’ve probably already read it).
    Aww you recced my blog post. You’re the best.

    • Yup, I”m answering this from ROME!!!

      LOLLL yeah, not gonna happen….maybe ;p

      Yes, new stories, but UGH I don’t think I”m gonna make the deadline 😦 We’ll see. But either way, yes, you’ll probably have something to read soon. No, and I haven’t emailed them to ask because I’m a big fat chicken LOL. I need to do that…

      Hmmm…do you read Teen Wolf?
      Oh yes, email me the brilliant fandom AU 😀 Which fandom?

      Of course I did, I was serious when I said it was brilliant 😀


  2. Rome *jealous pout*

    Okay, new stories are good. Deadlines are bad 😦 Yep, you do young lady, email then as soon as you can, remember they can only say no.

    Yep I do read Teenwolf (as long as it’s not too canon dependent, I still haven’t seen a single episode!) Emailed link about 5 mins ago.

    *blushes & smishes you*

    • Rome was gorgeous. We’re in Montevarchi now – our base for Florence & Pisa.

      Yes, new stories are good, deadlines are bad. And yeah, I know, I need to email them – I will do that when I get back. *sigh*

      Oh cool 😀 Have you read mine? LOL. GAH LOL you should watch. KNowing that it’s not really great TV just eye candy 😀

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