Just Another Manic Monday – Mini Post Trip

I’m back and Italy was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about it. We had so much fun and saw so many things and took TONS of pictures – which I will download and post some of them later this week.

Unfortunately now that I’m back, real life has slapped me right back into reality and I am barely staving off panic LOL. Exactly one month from today the movers come to pack us out O__O.

Three weeks from this week, we ship our car.

So many things I have to do – and soccer starts up this week, first practice is tonight, first game is this weekend – exciting for all of us because the kid moves up a league.

What that means for my blog….I will try to keep up the bi-weekly posts but I honestly cannot make any promises. Chances are it will drop down to one post a week (possibly some weeks without any 😦 ) and then move back up to two once we get settled later this summer.

As far as writing, I think I’m gonna have to let the MLR Average Joe sub pass – I’ll still keep writing the story because it’s something I’m interested in, but with the move I don’t see me making the deadline – we’ll see, but I’m not going to stress about it. Too much other stuff going on.

Working on final edits on another submission, a novella probably, I think? It’s about 20K so we’ll see. And a few fun fanfic things because sometimes my brain just needs to play.

That’s all from me for now. Look for trip pics and details later this week.




4 responses to “Just Another Manic Monday – Mini Post Trip

  1. Not stressing is good *hugs*

    Glad you had a great trip. Hopefully email you later.

  2. Glad the trip was great 🙂

    That 20k edit, does it have demons? Enquiring minds want to know

    Good luck with moving

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