Thrilling Thursday

Busy Busy Busy.

The first car is shipped – YIPPEE!

The movers come on Monday – WOO HOOO!

But we are SO not ready – BOOO : (

I just finished a Cowboy story I plan to submit to BA Tortuga’s Fever Anthology *fingers crossed*

Other than that – I can’t really concentrate on any writing things until after the movers are done next week.

We still have to pack (our stuff that we’ll need for the next two weeks), make our donation runs, clear out some final clutter and a hoard of other miscellaneous stuff.

HOPEFULLY after next week things will calm down and I can get back to semi-regular posting.

Just wanted ya’ll to know I’m still alive, I haven’t forgotten about pictures from Italy and I wish you all a fantastic weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day!



Oh and the hubs and I saw Star Trek Into Darkness last night and it was AWESOME – the dialogue was clever and fun, the action was A++ and the drama was even better. Can’t wait to see it again!


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