Thrilling Thursday

First, my big news, I have a cover for Ready to Ride. Isn’t it gorgeous? Also, it comes out on 5 June, 2013. It will be part of an anthology and also available separately. Will post more about that probably next week.

 photo fever-readytoride.jpg

Now – FINALLY onto my trip to Italy over Spring Break. Due to the insane amount of pictures and sizes and such, I’ll confine my posts to one locale per post – which means there will be about five posts in total.

First stop: Verona – home of Romeo and Juliet. Or as my husband liked to continually remind me the entire time we were there – a FICTIONAL couple. *sigh* Seriously though, we enjoyed our stay here a great deal and if I ever get the chance to get back to Italy I wouldn’t mind spending more than just one night here.

The weather was kind of crappy, it rained that evening, but we still got to see the castle and had a really great dinner. The next morning we got up went to Juliet’s Tomb, her house, and tried to find Romeo’s house – we never did find it but we did end up on Dante’s Street. Having read Dante’s Inferno back in high school, I found this highly entertaining.

We stayed at a Best Western and it was really nice and they had a HUGE breakfast spread the next morning. We checked out before we went sight-seeing and had to pay for parking which limited our time exploring but seeing as how we had to drive to Rome it all worked out.

My husband was extremely frustrated over not being able to find Romeo’s house – it was on the map, but there were no signs and the street signs weren’t helpful. But no matter, we enjoyed our time there, got some great pictures and then it was time to move on.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Next week – Rome!

Have a great weekend.



On the entrance to Juliet's Tomb

 photo ItalyTrip010.jpg

The Castle

 photo ItalyTrip013.jpg

Juliet’s Famous Balcony

 photo ItalyTrip037.jpg

The Wall where you can leave a message or a lock for Juliet declaring your true love. You might remember this from the movie Letters To Juliet.

 photo ItalyTrip038.jpg

Dante’s Street

 photo ItalyTrip052.jpg

Dante Himself 😀

 photo ItalyTrip053.jpg


4 responses to “Thrilling Thursday

  1. Cool cover. Love the photos!

  2. Great cover BB. And so jealous of your trip. I must go one day.

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