Tuesday in Rome

Part Two of our Trip to Italy šŸ˜€

After our night in Verona we traveled to Rome. I had booked us a room at the Imperia Suites. They were fabulous. We had a great room, they were extremely helpful, gave us a map, told us how and where to get to the Metro, labeled all the important sites on the map, and even gave us recommendations for lunch and dinner both days. And let me tell you, dinner the first night was AMAZING ā€“ hubs said it was the best piece of veal he’d ever had in his entire life!

Anyway, onto the pictures. I’ve actually included a couple shots my kid took, because he takes pictures of really interesting things. So without further ado.

Our first stop ā€“ the Colosseum

An exterior shot ā€“ kid shot

An interior shot

The Forum ā€“ which we had tickets to go into but decided not to, we could see most of it just by walking around it.

The Parthenon

Inside The Parthenon ā€“ really the pictures just don’t do it justice, it was breathtaking.

The Spanish Steps ā€“ we bought a postcard of this so we would have one shot of them empty because they are NEVER empty.

Trevi Fountain ā€“ I really liked this, although it was very crowded. (but then everything was)

The entrance to The Vatican ā€“ kid shot šŸ˜€

One of many interior ceiling shots ā€“ kid shot

A statue in the Vatican ā€“ I had to ā€“ you know for ~reasons.

Another ceiling shot.

Unfortunately no pictures of the Sistine Chapel because they said no pictures and we like to follow the rules most of the time šŸ˜€

Next stop : Friday in Florence šŸ˜€

Have a great week, don’t forget my new short Ready to Ride comes out on June 5th. I’ll post links and all the official stuff next week.



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