Friday in Florence and Pisa

Friday in Florence and Pisa

Back again, and fitting that it is rainy and crappy outside because that’s how it was when we visited Florence, rainy and crappy. But we soldiered on because we had things to see and places to go.

First stop, was the David. Florence as a whole has really strict picture taking policies and rather than run the risk of getting thrown out – we opted not to take pictures and bought postcards instead. So sadly, I have very few pictures of Florence and most are of outside structures.

We bypassed the line and bought our tickets from one of the street vendors, saved us a three and a half hour wait, which obviously was totally worth it. Went in to see the David – OMG is it massive! My kid was especially intrigued by the fiber optic cables they have to monitor the cracks in the sculpture. Really interesting.

Then it was on to the Ponte Vecchio – a famous bridge that has NEVER fallen despite wars and numerous natural disasters. It’s lined with shops selling gold and silver.

After that it was the Uffizi Gallery – famous for all the Botticelli paintings – like the Primavera and the Birth of Venus. It was just so amazing to see those paintings in person and not just in a book, I’m so glad we got the opportunity to do that.

We stayed in the guest house of a private villa in Montevarchi. We stayed there last year when we were driving back from Sicily. I couldn’t recommend it more, family is very nice, place is clean, and she had made dinner reservations for us for both nights! Both nights were multi-course traditional Italian dinners – the first night we tried Beef Carpaccio for the first time and the second night we both tried rabbit for the first time. I’d have the rabbit again (it was an amazing rabbit ragu cream sauce), I’d probably skip the Carpaccio (just not that into raw beef).

It was on to Pisa the next day. We opted NOT to climb the tower in the interests of time AND none of us were too keen on climbing 300 steps to the top. So we walked around it, took loads of pictures, walked around the cathedral, bought some stuff in the gift shop and then ate lunch in a café in view of the tower.

I would love to go back to both places someday. So we shall see.

Next up – Venice.

Have a great weekend. Don’t forget, my next short, Ready to Ride, comes out next week. I’ll make a post about it on Wednesday, that’s its release day.
Until then – TTFN



Our view from our room in Montevarchi

The Ponte Vecchio

View from the Ponte Vecchio back toward the Uffizi Gallery complex

View of Ponte Vecchio from the Uffizi Gallery – the one picture we WERE allowed to take

The Palazza Vecchio

The Cathedral (under construction)

Where we ate dinner the second night – FABULOUS /

Santa Maria Della Spina – in Pisa

The Cathedral at Pisa inside the Piazza dei Miracoli

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Inside the café where we had lunch


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