Moving Update

Just a very brief update before the movers arrive. We are finally getting our storage shipment today! Once that is in and unpacked we will FINALLY FINALLY get a chance to feel settled instead of in limbo. We are loving our new place, the view is awesome. Yes, I know, I promised pics, but ARGH life is busy. When we are settled, I promise.

Kid is in school, half day on Friday, first full day today, so we’ll see how it goes. My parents are gone, in-laws arrive on Friday for 1-2 weeks, still not sure of the length – long story, srsly don’t ask 😦

I have a new short story coming out on Wednesday – Calling The Shots about a couple of baseball players. I really loved writing this because my hubs got back into editing for me (he loved the story btw), so I’m excited! More on Release Day Wednesday!

Until then, remember, I’m still alive, just buried under boxes (well not quite yet but maybe in a few hours I will be LOL) and UGH when all this is done – house pictures, Venice pictures, updates, and more regular DW and LJ posts and comments from me!!




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