News and Update

And…I’m BACK! I had no idea I’d be gone for so long : (((((

The move was exhausting. It’s good to be back in the States, but there are a lot of things we miss about Germany. Our kid misses school and friends and we ALL miss the sushi restaurant we used to go to on Saturdays – the ones here, just aren’t the same : (

We ended up spending a little too much time with family and by the time my in-laws finally left we were completely family’d out. We’re just about ready to see them again, good thing since the in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving LOL.

However, our house is beautiful! We are right on the water, and every day I sit at the table and write, looking right out onto an inlet – it truly is gorgeous and we are very lucky.

On a beautiful day –  photo IMG_0254.jpg

 photo IMG_0470.jpg

On a day after a bunch of rain at high tide /o\

 photo IMG_0457.jpg

Our living room – all done!

 photo IMG_0408.jpg

As most of you know, we had to put our dog to sleep right before we left. After almost 6 months we finally decided we were ready for a new dog and after LOADS of research and numerous visits to local area shelters, we found Skye – the newest addition to our household.

 photo IMG_0541-1.jpg

Halloween was fun – we even managed to decorate a little bit.

 photo IMG_0517.jpg

And now we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving!

I’ve been writing – mostly fanfic stuff because I was so busy getting the house in order I couldn’t really concentrate on anything original – too much brain power LOL. BUT I did do some significant work on a sequel to my very first published story – A Watched Demon Always Boils – the other day – I’m really excited. So we’ll see how it goes.
I’m going to try to do regular posts every Thursday from now on, excluding holidays 😀

Hope to see you back here next week, when *gasp* you’ll FINALLY get to see the pictures from Venice!

Time to run.

Have a great weekend!



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