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Merry Christmas

Just stopping by to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Regular posts will start back up the second week of January!




Thursday in Venice

HA HA I bet you all thought you would NEVER see my pictures from Venice! Well, here we are almost seven months later and I’m FINALLY posting them!

It was the last big stop on our Spring Break trip to Italy. We drove into town in the evening, the place we were staying had a restaurant on site that specialized in seafood so we planned to eat there both nights. We weren’t disappointed, the food was fabulous. The kid had salmon, I had seafood ravioli and it was the perfect end to a day of driving. Our hosts, the owners, were extremely helpful, gave us a map and a path to follow to hit the big highlights, ending as the Piazza San Marco. They sold us our bus tickets and gave us instructions on how to get into Venice and back on the bus.

We followed his instructions as best we could, hit most of the highlights he suggested (most were churches – who knew there were so many churches in one little city!), we stopped to shop along the way. The hubs bought a framed map, I bought a leather purse and the kid got some touristy stuff like magnets and postcards.

We had lunch at a place in the Piazza San Marco and despite the slightly colder weather, we had gelato for dessert. The hubs had been here YEARS ago and remembered having gelato so we had to get some. It was delicious. We toured the church and the palace – enjoyed the palace more than the church because the church was crowded & they charged a separate entrance fee for each part of the church 😦 No bags allowed (including purses) so I left my purse outside with the hubs and therefore had no extra money to tour the other spots inside 😦 Other than that, it was beautiful.

The end of the day was a ride on a water taxi back up the Grand Canal to where we picked up the bus to head back to the hotel for the evening. We talked about trying to do a Gondola ride, but they were super expensive so we opted not to. We rode up the Grand Canal – the kid got to see all the buildings and sights, so I was pleased.

We spent the night at the hotel spent the next day driving back into Germany. The last night of our vacation was spent at the Edelweiss – an Army Resort Lodge in Garmisch – we’d been there numerous times before, this was to be our last time. The kid loved it because he and Daddy stayed in the pool until 2200! That was the highlight of his trip LOL.

And thus ended our grand Spring Break trip to Italy. It was most definitely worth it.

So next week – I want to talk about ‘fridging’ so do your research, I’m going to do mine, and get ready to discuss!

Have a great week.



OH and pictures LOL…..Here they are!

I was told to take pictures of "The hot Gondola Drivers" LOL Here's one.

The famous Gondola rides along the canal.

The church at St. Mark's Square – under construction obviously LOL – still gorgeous.

My kid wanted a picture of his lunch LOL

More Gondolas

The Grand Canal

Starting Point at St. Mark's Square

One of the mountains on our way back to Stuttgart from Garmisch (it reminded me of Mt. Fuji – only colder and grayer and no water…)