Stress – Welcome back my old friend

Ha, so it’s Thursday again, the day I’ve deemed best (re: most open) for me to do a weekly post. Except we’ve been hit by Winter Storm Janus? I think? Anyway, obviously the people here are NOT used to snow because we had MAYBE 2 inches? And the schools have been closed for two days now 😡

Also, my parents are flying in today – to spend the kid’s birthday with us AND to babysit said child while the hubs and I take a much needed and much anticipated trip to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary – which is next week.

On top of that – it’s cold in the downstairs because it’s so cold outside that the furnace can’t keep the house hot enough /o\

And we think the pipe in the guest bath has frozen again – because of the extremely low temperatures and the fact that that particular part of the bathroom is directly over the front porch (at the corner of the house) and therefore gets the full brunt of the wind.

So any hope I had of making some kind of brilliant, thought-provoking post has flown out the window. Welcome to my life LOL. Also, there will be NO post next week because of aforementioned anniversary trip 😀

Bottom line – Have a good weekend! Have a fabulous two weeks. I’ll see you in February!




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