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Thrilling Thursday

Yup, I didn’t post last week. Why? Because I was tired. And this is also going to be kind of a non-post type thing. Why? Because I honestly have no idea what to talk about today. I usually have these really good ideas? In my head at least. Today, nothing. So I’m opening up the floor, so to speak.

What topics would all of you like to discuss? Leave me ideas in the comments and I will see about picking some for future blogs. Keep them mostly light? And I’m not making any promises that I’ll use any or all of them. I just need some ideas.

Have a great weekend!


Happy Thursday!

Yeah, so I don’t really have a post today. I’m waiting on the fridge repair man and that’s kind of occupying my brain right now. Actually, my brain is kind of scattered, has been scattered all week. I’mma call it my “Stiles Brain” because I can’t seem to focus on anything right now.

Here’s hoping some sunshine (which we are supposed to get in a day or so) will help.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



The Big Easy

As most of you know, our 15th wedding anniversary was last week. We spent it in New Orleans. Although, our initial flight out was a bit rocky and we ended up having to spend the first day and night in DC due to the WINTER STORM /o\ But we finally made it to New Orleans and had a FABULOUS time.

Thought I would share some pictures. This trip we did a few things we’ve never done before. We toured the Old US Mint and also Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World – learned a WHOLE bunch of things about Mardi Gras that neither of us knew! It was fascinating to learn all about the parades and see the actual making of the floats. If you ever get there, I highly suggest the tour.

And of course we had AMAZING food. We at at Emeril’s restaurant Nola for our anniversary dinner, but we also ate at Irene’s and at The Praline Connection, and of course Cafe du Monde.

It was a great trip, cannot wait to go back, but it’s good to be home.

Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend!


The Bed and Breakfast we stayed at.
 photo IMG_0748.jpg

Mardi Gras decorations going up everywhere.
 photo IMG_0754.jpg

Bourbon Street during the day.
 photo IMG_0760.jpg

A float drawing at Mardi Gras World
 photo IMG_0780.jpg

Prop making in progress
 photo IMG_0781.jpg

Already painted props on float
 photo IMG_0813.jpg

 photo IMG_0818.jpg