Television and Fandom Thursday

Last Thursday I asked for suggestions on what to blog about. I got several really good ones! I picked this one first because the requester is currently looking for new shows. I thought I would help him out πŸ˜€ Someone else asked about fandoms I’m currently in, ones I’ve left, and what could possibly bring me back to them. I’m combining them because I thought they’d go well together.

Television Shows I’m currently watching – and by watching meaning NEVER MISS.

Monday: Almost Human, Teen Wolf
Tuesday: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,
Wednesday: Arrow, The Tomorrow People

Television shows I was watching regularly until RL got busy and we got behind, but plan to catch up on soonish:
Monday: The Blacklist, Intelligence (I really LIKE these two shows, but we got behind while my parents were here and due to our trip to New Orleans)
Wednesday: Revolution (I can only deal with this show in short bursts, hence why I got behind, I love it, but have to be in the mood to watch it)

Television shows I DVR:
Monday: Hart of Dixie, Star-Crossed (I’m still watching Season 2 of HOD but plan to watch Season 3 as soon as I finish, SC I LOVE but it airs opposite Almost Human so…it gets DVR’d and watched later on – like tonight LOL)

Television Shows I intend to watch eventually:
Beauty and The Beast, Killer Women, Once Upon a Time, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Supernatural (These are shows I started before we left for Germany (OUAT) and couldn’t keep up so we are planning to marathon at some point. Killer Women I’d kinda like to wait and see if they put out a DVD of the whole run before I watch it because I heard they cancelled it and aired the epis out of order 😑 )

New Shows that are just starting:
Resurrection, The 100 (These both look interesting, we’ll see.)

Shows that are done for the Season:
Haven, Sleepy Hollow (UGH these would be on the NEVER MISS list)

Shows I dropped:
Bitten, Helix and a whole host of others not even worth mentioning LOL.

Weird, I didn’t realize there were only a handful I would say I don’t miss, although I would include the ones I DVR & plan to catch up on as shows I don’t miss either. They didn’t get dropped, we just need to catch up, which we will do AFTER we finish the Veronica Mars marathon in prep for the movie on the 14th!

As for fandoms…well, I’m still kind of in the Adam fandom...but I posted my last fic for that fandom just this week. Right now I honestly cannot see myself writing more fic in that fandom, but never say never LOL.

Obviously the big one for me right now is Teen Wolf. I have a love/hate relationship with that show, just like we all have love/hate relationships with our fandoms. The show has plot holes you could drive a truck through and there’s rarely any emotional follow through. So you ask why do I watch it? One word. STILES. Dylan O’Brien is a phenomenal actor and especially this season, his skillz have blown away just about everyone else on the show. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in The Maze Runner this year, and he’s the reason why I’m still watching Teen Wolf. I can honestly say if he were to leave the show, I would stop watching. Even though I LOVE Derek Hale aka Tyler Hoechlin – I’m not sure even he could get me to continue watching without Stiles. Having to watch Derek be the whipping boy all the time without the humor and chemistry of Stiles? Yeah, how about no.

Fandoms I used to be in: Buffy – although I would probably say fandom adjacent LOL. I discovered fanfic through Buffy but was never really involved in fandom outside of RL friends and my hubs and watching the show with them. We did go to a convention but other than that? Yeah, I wasn’t in the fandom. After that there was a Star Wars Yahoo group because DAMN Ewan McGregor was FINE as Obi-Wan Kenobi! But we were our own little group and Star Wars is a VERY BIG FANDOM OCEAN.

But then came BSG. And Kara Thrace and Lee Adama. First full blown fandom. Again loved and hated it. BUT the best part was all the friends I made THAT I STILL TALK TO!!! It wouldn’t take much for me to get back into that fandom, because I had a great group of people I talked with. And I LOVED making videos and writing fic for Starbuck and Apollo. They were both just so damaged and fulfilling to write about. Kara was my favorite. There were times I thought Lee was an ass and in retrospect I can freely admit that Kara was a bit of a bitch. I loved the show and mythology discussions and I still miss those to this day. But alas the show ended and the fandom faded.

Then came Torchwood and my introduction to slash. I mean, I knew it existed, may have read some Angel/Spike and some Buffy/Faith back in the day and yes I knew it came about because of Kirk/Spock but Jack and Ianto were the first pairing I ever really took to heart. I cannot even express how much I loved that pairing. Probably as much as Apollo/Starbuck but in a different way? I wrote ALL THE FIC and made ALL THE VIDS. I’ll be honest, it was The Barrowman that drew me in, but Ianto was why I stayed. I LOVED Ianto. Also both of them were hurt and damaged. Obviously I like my pairings NOT PERFECT LOL. And then came the show that must not be named and yeah. Instant fandom killer. I think I did maybe three more vids because that was the only way to get out my feelings…but I never really wrote for Torchwood again. And honestly, I can’t see myself seriously getting back into that fandom. Killing Ianto killed the show and the fandom for me.

Then my first foray (and probably my only) into RPS. I got sucked into the Adam Lambert fandom by a Torchwood friend, thanks Maria! Who dangled Adam and all his fabulous goodness and Tommy Joe (his guitarist) and all his sassy blondness right on front of my face. It started with the AMA kiss and just built from there. (I actually watched when Adam was on Idol but I wasn’t in the fandom) They have undeniable stage chemistry and they fed the fandom frenzy with all the “stage gay” during the Glam Nation Tour. Unfortunately, there was a lot of hate directed at Tommy and at the “shippers” in the fandom and it became a not so fun place to be. I’m still an Adam fan, will ALWAYS be an Adam fan because the man is just an AMAZING singer (He’s TOURING WITH QUEEN!!! this summer), but the fandom is not really the place for me. I’ve always said, if it’s not making you happy, it’s time to move on. (I did make a TON OF FRIENDS in this fandom though and that really is the best thing I’m taking from it. They are spread out all over the world and bring me happiness every day – even though I Miss all my European friends!!)

Which brings us to the Teen Wolf fandom. You could say, I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’m staying fandom adjacent this time. I’m not friends with the BNFs, I occasionally tweet them and they reply, but I’m by no means mainstream fandom and I like it that way. I’ve got my own little group of people that I hang with and I’m happy with that. Some are friends from old fandoms, some are new fandom friends. We talk about the show, dissect the writing, try to predict what’s going to happen – a lot like I did back in my BSG days and it’s fun. I stay with my group (s) and have a strict policy about avoiding people that make me unhappy or increase my stress level about the show LOL. And yes, this does include some of the BNFs, which is why I’m happy being fandom adjacent. I write fic for the fandom – well really for me because I’ve also learned you have to write for yourself. So I write what makes me happy, put it out there and let it go. I also read only what makes me happy and don’t feel obligated to read what I know won’t. I know eventually the fandom will fade, like they all do, but for now it’s fun and I’m enjoying it. I hope Stiles stays on the show until it ends because honestly, he’s why I enjoy the show so much. And yes, I’m a total Sterek shipper and I don’t care who knows it. πŸ˜€

Who knows what fandom will be next…nothing is really striking me right now outside of Teen Wolf, I really like Star-Crossed but I can’t see myself writing fanfic about it. The others I just really enjoy watching. So I guess we’ll see what the future brings.

So that’s my television and fandom post. I’m ALWAYS up for discussing good tv shows, so if we have one in common, hit me up πŸ˜€ I’d be happy to talk about it πŸ˜€

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Next week – I’m doing a blog tour post about my writing process and I’ll probably also touch on what I’m writing at the moment – both fanfic and original πŸ˜€





8 responses to “Television and Fandom Thursday

  1. Wow, busy lady. πŸ™‚ I don’t really “belong” to any specific fandoms. Not in the shipping way. I see a few on Tumblr. I’ve never watched Teen Wolf and only know it from Tumblr, so I’m sure I’d be grossly disappointed if I were to watch it and Derek and Stiles weren’t fucking like bunnies the whole show. I’ve never written, nor read fanfic. Except one. Years ago I stumbled across a Seinfeld fanfic which was a giant orgy. LOL I swear the writers of the show wrote it because the characters were spot on and I could hear them in my head. Rather disturbing… Newman!

    I started watching season 2 of Elementary this week. I am also a Castle fan, but other than Dance Mom’s (I blame my daughter for that) I don’t watch much religiously. I tend to just flick between cop show re-runs on Mystery and sci-fi reruns on Space with random Food Network shows that do NOT include Guy Fieri. I watched Bitten once and the acting was so lame I quit. I did watch Sleepy Hollow and I started watching Hannibal with my daughter but can’t seem to find the first episodes on on-demand and I don’t know what night it is. I suppose I could actually search but…

    • HAHA and I was just saying to hubs that it looked like we really didn’t watch THAT much TV. YES you would be GROSSLY disappointed by Teen Wolf, they are in fact NOT fucking like bunnies. IN fact this season they haven’t even shared a scene together LOL. Oh well, fanfic is usually better then canon. It’s all fun, or at least it’s supposed to be. Oh wow, a Seinfeld orgy? LOLLLLL too funny, awesome that the writer was so good though.

      We watch Elementary off and on but don’t follow it regularly. I do love Lucy Liu though, they have great chemistry together for sure. LOLL Dance Mom’s – NOT JUDGING at all LOL. I love the Food Network but I REALLY MISS the old Japanese original Iron Chef shows, I wish they still showed those. HA HAHA OMG I watched like the first fifteen minutes of Bitten and had to shut it off.

      Have not watched Hannibal although I hear it’s really good.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! <333

  2. The Musketeers. Watch it. That is all I have to say on the matter πŸ™‚

    And we’ll not discuss how you got me reading fanfic for a show I’ve never watched.

  3. What happened to my name? Auto fill went craaazy. Or is it just to remind you who I am?

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