Thrash It Out Thursday


I’ve been making good on my health and getting to the gym! So YAY for me. Unfortunately, it’s making me EXHAUSTED LOL. So I’ve ended up having to take naps almost every day /o\ Which means writing and editing is slowing down. No worries, I’m still powering through, just slower.

Wanted to put this out there to everyone because I’ve been seeing, what I consider to be, surprising opinions. Frozen has become the highest grossing animated film, surpassing Toy Story at the Box Office. I loved Frozen, just like I loved Brave. Because for the first time, we had the female heroine(s) saving themselves without the need for a Prince. We have Elsa throwing off the shackles of being forced to hide her magic and pretend to be someone else (THE PERFECT GIRL), we have her defending herself against people that want to KILL HER for being herself, and we have the sisters saving each other (Kristen Bell’s character going off ON HER OWN because the men were TOO AFRAID – to go find her sister and save the town).

The opinions that are surprising me – I’ve seen people saying the movie was bad, that it sends the wrong message to girls, and that it’s too violent. Are people seeing something I’m not? Did I miss something in the movie? I really am curious.

So everyone – weigh in, let’s have a friendly discussion about Frozen.

And with that I wish you all a GREAT WEEKEND 😀 (Going to see Cap 2 tonight! Double Feature at the local AMC with Cap 1!)



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