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Spring Break Part 2 – Busch Gardens

Wow! Sorry it took me so long to get back to this topic /o\ and it’s almost summer vacay!!!

I came home from my trip to LA to find that we were NOT in fact leaving for Busch Gardens that day because the park was closed! Turns out they were only open for two weeks in April during the week and those two weeks did NOT include the week we wanted to go. Fortunately, the hotel was more than happy to push back our reservation and we left on Thursday instead of Monday so I was able to get some rest.

We spent Friday and Saturday at the park. I’ll be honest, if I’d based my opinion on Friday – I would have been sorely disappointed. The park was busy, people were rude, it was hot and stormy and we barely got any rides in. It was kind of a huge disappointment. We went into Saturday expecting it to be worse because it was a Saturday and the weather was MUCH nicer. Boy were we wrong.

We arrived early and the little kiddie land was already open & rides were running. We slammed in almost ten rides in 20 minutes in the little kiddie area – there’a a mini roller coaster there that is a BLAST! Then we hit the water rides, Pompeii and Roman Rapids and NO WAIT! We hit Apollo’s Chariot (the largest coaster the kid was tall enough to ride on) and we waited maybe ten minutes? WOW – REALLY INTENSE ride, the first drop is so far and the pressure is so great that about 2/3 of the way down I couldn’t force air out to scream! LOL. It was awesome! But not something I would ride more than once a trip.

We managed to ride everything we wanted to ride, (sometimes more than once) before we even had lunch! After lunch, we hit a couple of shops and then it was game time. The kid had won two small dogs the day before and I had won a little Minion and kid was determined to win another Minion. Well, it was Mommy that won the BIG MINION! Threw the ball and it landed in the center red sparkly cup – giving me the prize of my choice. Obviously, I picked Dave, the big Minion. The kid and hubs played basketball enough to win two small prizes and trade them in for a medium which was Fluffy, the Unicorn, and we called it a day.

So based on our experience on Saturday, Busch Gardens Williamsburg was a HIT. We went back and hit the pool, relaxed in the room, went out for REALLY GOOD ITALIAN and crashed hard.

Sorry for the lack of ride pics but all the ones I took had the kid in them and I don’t post pics of the kid online. So you get the pics I took of the wolf and the bald Eagle and the boat that the kid and hubs were driving by the Pompeii water ride.

It was LOADS of fun, I would totally go back. But I think Universal Orlando might be our next trip. We’ll see.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Next week – my gardening adventures – before and after pics!


My winning ball being redeemed!

All our booty!

Throwback Thursday

Hi all!

So sorry I missed last week AND I’m apologizing in advance for this NOT being Spring Break Part 2. However, I had an epiphany this morning of such epic proportions that I felt the need to share. Yes, it’s THAT important.

The kid and I were having a discussion in the car on the way to school. Funny how these discussions always turn out to be heavy ones (and this was our THIRD just this morning!!!) Kid started talking about female professors from Harry Potter and mentioned Professor Sprout and then said, “Who has a name like sprout?”

And instantly, I was back in junior high. “I knew a kid with the last name Sprout. He was a jerk. He picked on me on the school bus. I used to dread riding the school bus because I was afraid of what he was going to say or do that day.” And then I really thought about the things he said and the things he did. And out pops, “Oh my God, he sexually harassed me!”

“What does *mangled pronunciation of sexually* harassed mean?”

Which of course spawned an in depth discussion of sexual harassment and how it’s okay to tell a girl she’s pretty or a boy that he’s good looking if it’s done in the appropriate setting in a nice respectful manner. But when it’s said and meant disrespectfully it’s not appropriate. (I do have to tailor this to the non-teenager set…for now)

Meanwhile, my mind is reeling from the realization that I was sexually harassed at the age of 12 and 13 on the school bus for over two years. And I’m thinking, why didn’t anyone stop it? Why didn’t I ever tell anyone exactly what was going on? And then BAM! Another realization, because somewhere along the way I came to understand that was just something girls had to put up with. That I just had to deal with it and hope that eventually he would stop.

He said all sorts of disgusting things to me…”Hey your ass looks sweet in those tight little shorts, can I touch it? Your boobs look nice in that shirt.” I was TWELVE I didn’t HAVE BOOBS. Let’s not mention all the times he forced me to sit with him because mine was one of the few empty seats by the time we got to his stop.

The only relief I got was in eighth grade, we were in Industrial Arts together. I was the only girl in the class (yeah, I took a lot of teasing for that) but it didn’t take the other boys long to figure out just how unwanted this boy’s attention was, and they took it upon themselves to make sure I was never partnered with him. It was like some unspoken agreement, nobody ever talked about it or said anything, but I was always one of the first people picked for a partner and it was never him. So I have to thank those other 13 year old boys for protecting me from something most of us didn’t even understand I needed protecting from.

It never struck me until this morning just how pervasive sexual harassment is and just how much we, as women, put up with it because we think we’re supposed to, because it’s not recognized as wrong. For the first time, I will admit, I’m glad I don’t have a daughter, because it would break my heart to see something like this happening to her. And I’m glad I have a son, because you can be damn sure I’m going to teach him just how wrong behavior like that is. We have already been teaching him how important it is to respect other people both physically, intellectually, and emotionally. It just never really occurred to me until this morning, just exactly HOW IMPORTANT those lessons are.

I’m still feeling a little ragey over what happened to my twelve year old self, it’s pointless, I have no idea where that kid is, nor do I care. It’s not like I can go to the school decades later and tell them this happened. What I can do is make sure my son is never one of “those guys”. And I guess that’s where I’ll channel that rage and hope my twelve year old self feels vindicated.

Next week – *fingers crossed* Spring Break Part 2.

Have a great weekend!



Spring Break – Part One


Long time no talk 😀

But it was all in good fun! As most of you know, I spent the very first part of Spring Break out in LA for the first BiteCon – Teen Wolf fan run convention. It was a TOTAL BLAST! They ended up having over fifteen stars from the show come to the convention, some of them being first time con attenders. The con was fun, smoothly run, well organized, and just really so much fun. However, I will say, the best part BY FAR was finally getting to meet some Twitter friends! Including @addimaree (my roomie), @catdragin, @jetsetlife81, and @AbyNormal22. Also finally got to meet @margie311 and I got to meet a NEW friend @MrMACsquared!. Srsly, much fun was had. Got to see @YikesYahooYum again along with @NoSilverNoGold 😀

Some highlights – definitely Orny Adams panel. That man is HILARIOUS! If you ever get the chance to go see him live, do it. You will not regret it.

Eaddy Mays – I don’t think anyone outside of Orlando Jones gets fandom and fans as well as her. She ran a fanfiction panel and it was loads of fun. Also, she and Orny got to improve a scene and really I didn’t know whether to laugh or take out a protection detail for Orny LOL. I cannot say enough good things about her, I really can’t. She donated her appearance fee to charity, along with any fees she got for autographs and photo ops AND she took the time with each photo op to make sure the picture was acceptable and personalized every autograph. She is definitely one of my new favorites.

THE WOLF – there was a REAL LIVE WOLF brought into the convention. The National Wildlife Foundation was there and brought a real wolf, let him walk around the audience and really the sight of him rolling onto his back and baring his belly for Jeff Davis – I can’t even describe it.

The writer’s panel – very insightful, entertaining, and informative. Also, the writers ENCOURAGE FANFICTION so there’s that.

Tyler Posey was another treat. He ran several of the panels and was just fun all around, including saying Dylan O’Brien was one of his role models!

And finally the Carver Twins were adorable. They really played well off each other on stage.

Sinqua is AMAZING looking, so is Seth Gillam. And really Melissa and Linden were too cute for words. OH and Gideon Emery – came even though his voice was SHOT from doing voice over work. Also, Felisha Terrel is TALL and gorgeous and Hayley has the cutest laugh ever. And Arden is tiny and adorable. (I think I got everyone LOL)

Anyway, I flew in on Thursday, met up with friends, (the hotel food was massively expensive and there wasn’t much choice) we ended up at Burger King and then hitting the local liquor store so we could make our own drinks in our room LOL. The con started on Friday and ran through Sunday, including a prom/karaoke party on Saturday night and let me tell you, the girl that sang Adele’s Rolling In The Deep – AMAZEBALLS!

Sadly I had a flight out on Sunday night, so I didn’t get to spend the last night with my friends, but I had family to get back to and PART TWO of my Spring Break (you’ll hear about that next week LOL)

All in all, OMG I would do it again in a heartbeat! I really hope they are able to do a BiteCon 2015 because I’m totally going!

Enjoy my pictures, sorry they’re so blurry -they looked fine on my phone :((( (Also I might have clearer ones but I haven’t figured out how to preview them properly on my Mac /o\)

Have a great weekend!


Orny Adams

Gideon Emery

Seth Gilliam and Brian Patrick Wade ((OMG I FORGOT HE HAS HUGE ARMS! and he's so cute when he talks about his kids!))

Charlie Carver

Max Carver

Felisha Terrell and Hayley Webb

Freddy The Wolf


Arden and Keahu

Tyler Posey (he was always moving, really hard to get a non blurry shot of him)

Melissa and Linden

Eaddy Mays

Orny and Eaddy (don't tell her about this pic LOL)