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Hi all!

Just a quick post today, school starts tomorrow, so regularly scheduled posts SHOULD resume next week.

But today – I have something extra special to share! The cover art for my novella, Fixing the Hole, coming out from Dreamspinner later this fall. Cover Artist is Bree Archer and I think she did a fabulous job! Fits the story perfectly and is exactly what I wanted.

Have a great weekend!




Free Read Out TODAY!!

Hey all,

Remember that free read I told you about last week? Well, today is the day! It is officially out! You can pick it up HERE Full description and list of contributors below!

My story is entitled Marshmallows and it’s about a bonded pair that runs into a bit of trouble when they run afoul of a local. You’ll have to check it out to see what happens 😀


Please Don’t Feed the Alligators

Contributed to by Torquere Press Authors

What happens when a bunch of authors at a convention see a sign on the pier in Savannah that reads, “Please Don’t Feed the Alligators?”

Well, we found out at Authors After Dark in 2013 that such a sign can evoke strong images for a lot of people. BA Tortuga, Kiernan Kelly and I wanted to do an anthology, but we just didn’t have the time to write long stories. So we asked the great authors at Torquere Press Inc. to write us some flash fiction so we could use the theme.

Everyone came up with something wonderful, and I personally want to thank all the amazing authors who donated their time to this free read!

We hope you love the stories, too, but be careful around that pier in Savannah.

Julia Talbot

Contributors Include

Julia Talbot
John Amory
Jane Davitt
Lorne Rodman
BA Tortuga
Giselle Renarde
CB Potts
Alexa Snow
Shannon West
Berengaria Brown
Morwen Navarre
Sean Michael
Jessica Chase
Katherine Halle
Tray Ellis
Mychael Black
Kiernan Kelly
EM Ben Shaul
Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae
Winnie Jerome
T Strange
LJ Hamlin