TGIF! And a Giveaway!

Hi everyone!


It’s FRIDAY! Can I get a HELL YEAH? The in-laws leave on Sunday, it’s been nice having them here but we’re ready to have the house back to ourselves. The mess on the dining room table is driving me bonkers /o\ Soccer is just about over but theater is kicking into overdrive – we only have about 4 weeks before production so…busy busy busy!

I spent about ten days on the ARE Bestseller list for Cast The First Stone! Thank you to all who bought and read 😀 Would love to have you leave reviews if you feel like it 😀

And now, it’s time for a giveaway! Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos is hosing a giveaway for my next novella, Fixing The Hole. It’s open until Nov 4th – release date is Nov 5th. So head on over there and enter to win a free copy!

With that – have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!


Giveaway is here:

Blurb: Heavy rains and strong winds slammed an uprooted tree through Steve Crowell’s roof, leaving a gaping hole to match the one in his heart. After his ex left him for a younger man, Steve’s not sure he’s ready to handle another disaster. His best friend highly recommended the contractor, but the man’s already late, and when he shows up with his music thumping, Steve isn’t impressed – until Riley steps out of his pickup truck. Personable, gorgeous Riley talks a mile a minute, which Steve finds both ridiculously endearing and terrifying. Piecing together a heart isn’t as easy as fixing a roof, but Riley might just be the right man for the job.

ALSO – if you get the chance, hop on over to Lillian's blog – her story When Love Flue In is rereleasing for Christmas with a shiny new cover!


4 responses to “TGIF! And a Giveaway!


  2. Already bought it 🙂

    Thanks for pimping me bb!

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