That’s right folks, it’s FRIDAY!!! WOOO HOOOO and really why am I so exhausted by the weekend? Srsly, I could just lay down on my couch right now and just nap the entire day away. But alas, I have too much to do /o\

So I’m thinking about switching to Blogspot or Blogger – I love the layouts over there. What I will probably do is play around with it for a bit. And then if I decide to switch, I’ll double post for a while and then eventually just post over there. We’ll see though. Don’t worry, I’ll keep everyone in the loop!

What exciting things are you doing for Halloween? One of the local Mexican restaurants always has kids night on Thursdays with face painting, balloon animals and of course, kids eat free. That’s pretty much our Thursday night staple because the kid loves it & is always so busy playing that it’s almost like a pseudo-date night LOL. Well, last night, the kids were supposed to wear their costumes and the place was PACKED! All the kids were having so much fun.

Then the kid’s school today – lets them wear their costumes ALL DAY! And all the teachers & staff dress up as well. How cool is that? I saw an Iron Man, a Captain America, a Hulk, several witches, a couple Elsas, and of course my own, Harry Potter 😀

So tell me, what’s in store for your Halloween?

Hope everyone has a bootacular night and a great weekend. One final thing before I go – Fixing the Hole comes out next week – YAY! Monday starts the blog tour. See the dates and places below! (Forgive the artwork, I made it myself and really art is not my thing.)



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