What I’m Reading Wednesday

Well, here we are, I think this is my first official post of the New Year /o\ I have failed LOL. It’s the twenty-first of January /o\ Oh well, I will endeavor to do better. Along those lines, I am keeping a log of every book (NOT FANFIC – only BOOKS) I read during 2015. I will discuss them here (albeit briefly) every Wednesday – so you all can have some idea what I’m reading, what I like, what I didn’t like. These will NOT be reviews as I don’t consider myself a review type of person, just merely what I enjoyed and what I thought was just okay.

So, without further ado….*drum roll please*….

I have read fourteen books so far O__O – WHO KNEW? Well, okay, I kind of did because when I get onto a book I like, I DEVOUR it.

First up: The Brit Boys:On Boys Collection. This collection included eight books, some of which I liked, some of which were SMOKIN’ hot, and at least one of which just wasn’t my cup of tea. No bother, I read it, I can definitely see other people liking it, it just wasn’t for me. As I bought this off Amazon for 99 cents, I would highly recommend it because there is definitely something for everyone in this collection. A lot of great authors too, including Clare London, Lucy Felthouse, and Josephine Myles.

Second up: The Light Switch Duo by Lauren Gallagher (some of you may know her as L.A. Witt) – this was a het BDSM/Polyamory duo and if you’re looking for something to recommend for ppl who *cough* are reading that ~other book, I cannot recommend this one highly enough. Mind you the second half of the duo dealt with some pretty heavy themes, specifically the aftermath of a NON CONSENSUAL BDSM relationship and there were parts that were pretty tough to read, BUT Lauren handled it respectfully and very realistically. I will most assuredly be reading more of her work.

Third up: The Crewel World Trilogy by Gennifer Albin – I read all three of these in a relatively short amount of time. The first one was a bit difficult to get into because at times the world building seemed a bit too heavy handed and confusing. The idea behind it was a bit hard to wrap my brain around, but eventually I was able to just go with it and enjoy it. There was a surprise guest appearance by an historical figure during the latter part of book two that I had mixed feelings about. Part of me thought it was a bit over the top and ridiculous and the other part thought it made perfect sense in the world that had been built up. In the end, I enjoyed it, but there were other dystopian ones I enjoyed more.

Fourth up: Prodigy by Marie Lu – this is the second book in her Legend Trilogy and it was a bit difficult for me to get through. I kept stopping and starting…not because the book wasn’t good or I didn’t care about the characters, mostly because I just wasn’t in the mood? I’d read the first one last year and I definitely wanted to see this one through to the end, but Idk, there were days I was just like “Meh, I don’t feel like reading this today…” but I’ve finished the second and am now onto the third and racing to the finish line.

And that’s it for now. Hopefully next week there won’t be so many seeing as how it will only be seven days and not twenty-one O__O.

Have a good Hump Day and see on you Friday for Fun Friday!



4 responses to “What I’m Reading Wednesday

  1. Hey you’re doing a reading post *iz proud*

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