Fun Friday or Friday Fun? You Decide…

Wow! Look! Two posts in one week! Can you believe it? HA HA I can’t either.

I thought I would start doing a Fun Friday or a Friday Fun posts – which do you think sounds better? Anyway, it’s where I post about fun things we’ve done 😀

For this one I’m going all the way back to DECEMBER! For the first time ever, we pulled our kid out of school and took him to the Hobbit Marathon. He had not seen the first two movies (as he really wasn’t old enough) but with Avengers, and all the Marvel movies, we figured it was time.

He did really well. He did get a teeny bit restless at times and every once in a while would lean over and say “Mommy? Is this part scary?” SO CUTE. All in all he enjoyed the movies quite a bit and for like the entire week following he couldn’t stop talking about it.

For Christmas we got him The Lego Hobbit Wii U game and boy howdy did he like that! We all did. We haven’t finished it yet, but we’ve had fun playing it. It’s a bit frustrating for me because I’m still learning the Wii U (shut up, I LOVE my PS2 and I STILL play Buffy and KICK ASS too!) but we’re working it. Bought the hubs (and myself) The Walking Dead game…hubs got EASILY frustrated and I had to remind him several times how long it took us to work through the PS2 Buffy game the first time LOL. We’re still working through The Walking Dead.

And that is my story for today 😀

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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