Just Another Manic Monday

Here it is again, Monday. And I realize I have been a fail for two weeks in a row now, skipping both What I’m Reading Wednesday and Fun Friday posts /o\ In my defense, something I haven’t told all of you, I’m studying to retake a certification exam so that has taken up a considerable amount of time and will continue to do so until the first week of March when I’ll actually take the exam (and hope I pass). I will try *fingers crossed* to get both of those posts up this week.

I did manage to meet my word goal of 10K last week, even though the last 600 I had to write on Saturday. I also managed to edit four out of the five weekdays, including some yesterday, so I count that as a win as well.

Goals for this week: I’m going to be realistic – there was no school today and with the snowmaggeddon we’ve got coming I highly doubt there will be school tomorrow. Which means…writing will be difficult at best /o\ So I’m going to say 6K at a minimum with 10K being the ultimate goal still. I won’t beat myself up though as long as I cross the 6K mark 😀

Also, editing – will continue to keep the goal at some editing everyday (obviously not today or tomorrow /o\) – I did manage to FINISH the first editing past of the short story for Torquere’s Family Time Anthology and get it off to my first pre-reader – so YAY ME 😀

So what I’ll be working on:
Edit my Doctor/Naval Officer story from my first NaNo
Edit the sequel to the Demon story from THIS year’s NaNo
Write more on the sequel to Cast The First Stone
Write short story for Torquere’s First Timer’s Anthology
And of course: Get back into writing what my hubby calls “The rescue story” a HET *gasp* story! (This one is actually still in the brainstorming stages so I’m not actively writing it per se – but I’m planning it…)

That’s all for now.

Have a great week!



2 responses to “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Shame on you for your blogging fail! (Said she who has been so involved in edits that she hadn’t posted a blog in what seems like forever.) In fact I still need to do a ‘What I read in January’ post.

    Editing? I see nothing in my inbox. Did Button get it before me ? *pouts*

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