Fun Friday

I DID IT! Three posts in ONE WEEK! WOO HOOOOO /

Except this will be short LOL. Kid has been out of school ALL WEEK due to the cold and the snow…so it has not been a very productive week because I’ve had to put all my focus on studying for my certification with what little time I had *sigh* Oh well, hopefully it will warm up this weekend and we’ll be back to normal on Monday.

Baseball evals are this weekend, first time, since we’ve always done soccer, so that should be interesting. DATE NIGHT tonight! We’re going for Indian (it seems to be a favorite for us LOL) and probably to see Project Almanac – I’d rather see Jupiter Ascending, but PA has been out longer & hubs really wants to see it so…Jupiter will have to wait until next weekend I guess. Also, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Kingsman again because that movie was AWESOME. Colin Firth is still SMOKIN’ HOT and he KICKS ASS! And the new kid, Tarton? is a great match for Colin. If you like spies, action, and humor? Yeah, def go see it.

And that’s it. I’m over at the Torquere Social LJ today blogging about weather, and what I’m currently editing and writing. Stop on by and have a chat.

Have a great weekend.



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