Just Another Manic Monday

Hello Monday…we meet again. *sigh*

The kid finally went back to school / – not as much complaining as I thought there would be. I’m going to attempt to be productive today, but DAMN my workout on Friday kicked my ASS and I was still feeling it a little bit this morning when I went to workout – so I expect a nap will be happening sometime this afternoon.

Not much got done last week, almost zero editing and only 2.5K – because the kid had not one, not two but FOUR snow days. So the kid has not been in school for TEN DAYS in a row O__O. Needless to say, what little free time I had, I had to use to focus on studying. So there you go.

With that in mind, my exam is in one week, so I’m dialing everything down except for studying. I’m dropping my writing goal to 10K by Friday 6 March. My editing goal (to do a little bit each day) will remain the same. I won’t be posting anymore until after the exam either, so my next post will not be until Friday 6 March. Then you’ll get a Fun Friday 😀

Hope everyone has a great two weeks!



4 responses to “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. LUCK LUCK LUCK on the exam!! *\o/*

  2. Good luck with the exam. Whatsap me if you need a bit of cheerleading 🙂

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