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What I’m Reading Wednesday

First, sorry it’s been a month AGAIN /o\ I blame Spring Break and travel 😀

Second, I have GOOD NEWS – actually TWO pieces of good news. First – I’m listening to audiobook auditions for Fixing the Hole! I can’t believe it! I’m so thrilled I cannot even express it. Second, I signed a contract with Torquere for Life Happens, my contribution to the Family Time Anthology. There will be more about this particular story in upcoming posts. Now, onto what I’ve read in the past month!

Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts (M/F) I did finally finish it. It did move slower then the other two trilogies, BUT, it picked up by the end and I actually really enjoyed the book. Lots of Irish folklore and mythology to keep me entertained.

Next up – The Long Shot Series by Christine D’Abo Double Shot is the first of the series and focuses on Sadie (the middle sibling if I remember correctly) and how she finally hooks up with her best friend Paul and ends up having a steamy threesome with his boss Josh (who owns Mavericks, a BDSM club). The second book is A Shot In The Dark and focuses on Paige, the oldest sibling, and how she falls for Carter, a firefighter who also happens to be a Dom. Sex was hot & it was nice to see Paige get her HEA. Pulled Long is the third book and focuses on Ian, Paige and Sadie’s younger brother. Ian has fantasized about a customer named “Blue Eyes” except when he gets his chance, he finds out Blue Eyes is in the process of getting divorced. Ian has no desire to be Blue Eye’s rebound, first gay relationship and shuts him out. But when circumstances force Ian to return Jeff’s briefcase, Ian may get his HEA as well. The first one was M/F +M, the second strictly M/F, and the third M/M. All were great reads and I just found out today there are two more books in the series, so expect to see them show up soon.

Tears of the Moon by Nora Roberts (M/F) – second book in the Gallahger Trilogy. I enjoyed this one much more than the first, so I’m glad I didn’t give up on the first, because this one was a gem. The heroine was Brenna O’Toole and she was a joy to read about. More mythology and Irish folklore, and stubborn MCs abound.

Remarkable Restraint by Devon Rhodes (M/M) – Friends to lovers and OH was it good. Just the right amount of angst and pining to make it enjoyable but not overly emotional. Chaz is attracted to his straight roommate, and after an explosive encounter, Justin (his roommate) takes off for an already planned trip to Central America. The lack of communication was VERY believable and ramped up the tension. Will be rereading this one in the future.

Roped by Eliza Gayle – (M/F/M) Short quick read about a woman into Shibari who finally gets a turn with the two men who do the Shibari at her local club. I enjoyed this a great deal, the scene was hot, and the way they made her feel (she’s plus-sized) like a Queen? Was A++ in my book. However, I should not have read the “Coming Soon” because it showed a scene from a later book where she has become the slave to their Master and alluded to them sharing her with strangers. Which is fine, just not something I’m interested in, at all. So that was kind of a let down. I would recommend the book, but yeah, don’t read past the ending if you’re like me.

Discipline Down Under by Patricia Green (M/F) I ALMOST didn’t continue reading this one. The start was slow, the heroine was a brat, and IDK, she just annoyed me so much. The story did improve but I probably will not be rereading this.

Coming Home by April Zyon (M/F) This was a okay read. The male MC has just been discharged from the Marines (there were several military terminology mistakes along with several medical mistakes) and the female MC is a doctor. (So the mistakes bothered me a great deal and severely detracted from the story – for me) Once I got past the mistakes, the story was decent and enjoyable. But yes, the mistakes were early and pulled me out of the story so…

Complicated by Megan Slayer (M/M) This was a decent read. The typical superstar spots movie extra and they fall for each other. I’m glad I read it.

Hard to Be Good: A Hard Ink Story by Laura Kaye (M/M) – I honestly don’t know when/why I pre-ordered this one. It was obviously NOT the first one in the series and that made it difficult for me to follow the storyline. That aside, the characters were likable, I rooted for them, and the side characters were entertaining.

A Civilized Mating by Maria Harte (M/F with some M/M and M/F/M) This was a complete AU and I would recommend it strictly for the world-building because it was really well done. The let down came when the female MC finally hooked up with the two Male MCs – before she was tough, strong, independent, then she seemed to get lost and making her the sole female warrior of the tribe, kind of only paid lipservice to who she was before the ‘mating’ so that was a bit of a disappointment. Still a good read though.

Hidden Prey by Cheyenne McCray – (M/F) Woman witnesses a drug cartel murder and ends up running into a Fed who protects her until she is kidnapped to Mexico and then of course he has to rescue her. The storyline was entertaining, I didn’t give too much thought to the details or what might be wrong because honestly, I just wanted to enjoy the story, and I did. The ending was slightly unbelievable, but it was still a really entertaining read.

And now…I’m reading, the final book in the Gallagher Trilogy by Nora Roberts and no, I can’t remember the name right this second LOL.

But that’s all for now, I may not be around next week because the parents will be in town, but the next week I will 😀



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Normally, I would do What I’m Reading Wednesday but today is special. SPRING IS HERE!!

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