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RELEASE DAY! Life Happens

It’s here! It totally snuck up on me and I apologize for that. I didn’t even have time to organize a mini-blog tour OR a giveaway :((( I apologize for that as well because I LOVE this story, it’s fluffy and happy and all things good. And I am in FANTASTIC company in this anthology!

Without further ado – I give you – the Family Time Anthology out from Torquere today. You can also purchase my story Life Happens separately.

Here’s the blurb:

Dominic Antonelli and his boyfriend Kit Thomas have been together for over four years, and Dominic thinks it’s time to make things official. He plans for an elaborate proposal, including a quiet dinner for two and a romantic evening at Kit’s favorite place, the local aquarium. When the weather refuses to cooperate and his car breaks down, Dominic knows the night can’t get any worse. That is, until his fourteen-year-old daughter, supposedly at a friend’s house to study, calls distraught and drunk.

With his night in shambles, Dominic considers throwing in the towel. After all that has happened, surely Kit wouldn’t want to tie himself to their messy little family unit. But caught up in his grand plan, Dominic has forgotten there is more to being a family than a piece of paper and a circle of gold.

Here is the ADORABLE cover:

And here is a special release day Excerpt for all of you <3333

The timer dinged startling Dominic out of his thoughts. He plated the paella and went back out to the dining room to join Kyla and Kit. Kyla had her head down but Dominic could see the red hue to her skin. Concerned, he glanced at Kit who winked at him and something inside him settled.

“So.” He looked at Kyla, who turned her brown eyes to his. “Tell us about school.”

“Dad,” she said, rolling her eyes in exasperation. “School was fine. Same old same old. You should ask Kit about his day.” Her eyes lit up in excitement. “He said someone came in with an axe in his chest! He said they had to take about five different x-rays because he just couldn’t see how the guy was still alive. It was the most amazing thing, right, Kit?” She turned, giving Kit her brightest smile.

Kit laughed, the rich sound filling the room and Dominic catalogued every aspect about the man in front of him. His light brown colored skin, dark brown eyes, bright white teeth spreading into a wide smile that showed the dimples in his cheeks. The cream-colored Henley he wore clung to his chest and biceps leaving little to the imagination.

“Ahem,” Kit cleared his throat, quirking an eyebrow at Dominic.

“Gross,” Kyla said, rolling her eyes. “Dad, do you have to drool over Kit at the table? Come on, yuck.” She grimaced but then ruined the effect when she obviously couldn’t help cracking a smile at their affection for each other.

“Hmm, I don’t know.” Dominic set his fork down and waggled his eyes at Kit. “I could go drool ON him. Would that be better?”

Kyla mimed gagging and pushed her empty plate away. She slumped in her chair and rubbed her belly. “Ugh, Dad, don’t make me sick. That paella was yummo and I would hate to lose it.” She shot him a steely eyed glare.

Laughing, Dominic held his hands up in surrender. “Okay. You win. Take your plate into the kitchen and go finish your homework. And don’t–” He pointed at her. “Don’t tell me you already did because I know you have a paper due at the end of the week and a math test on Monday. I expect to see a rough draft before you go to bed and hear that you spent at least thirty minutes studying your math. Or no phone.”

And all the obligatory buy links:

Torquere Full Anthology

Torquere Life Happens

Amazon Full Anthology

Amazon Life Happens

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So, go buy some fluff! And have a great rest of your week.



Surprise Saturday!

SURPRISE! I’m here on a Saturday. Need to catch all of you up on a few things!

First, move is going and stressful. One more week until packout /o\ (hence my lack of presence here, trying to get things squared away here and at our destination so the move goes smoothly)

Second, Fixing the Hole is now available on AUDIO!! How cool is that?? A few weeks ago Dreamspinner contacted me about auditions, I listened to them, chose my favorite, and now it’s OUT! And it’s AMAZING!!! You can find it here: Fixing the Hole

Third: Just signed a contract with Torquere for Finding Home, it will be part of their First Timers Anthology and also sold on its own (I believe, more on that later). It’s a sequel of sorts to the free read included in Please Don’t Feed The Alligators which came out a year or so ago. Let me tease you with – not only is it the characters’ first time threesome – it’s my first time writing one! More to come 😀

Fourth: I have a RELEASE NEXT WEEK! How did this happen? How did it sneak up on my like that? No blog tour, no fanfare, just little ole’ me trying to get the word out. *sigh* It’s called Life Happens and it’s part of the Family Time Anthology from Torquere that comes out on the 17th!

Here’s a quick blurb:

After a night of mishaps, Dominic Antonelli doubts his boyfriend Kit Thomas would want to tie himself to their messy family. But Dominic has forgotten there is more to being a family than a piece of paper and a circle of gold.

Just a fun little romp about how life often throws a wrench into the best laid plans. It’s definitely more on the sweet side (with all the stress in RL rn it had to be). I hope you give it a shot. There’s some great stories in the anthology and look at the cover!


And that’s all from me for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’ll be around next week doing some promo!