Surprise Saturday!

SURPRISE! I’m here on a Saturday. Need to catch all of you up on a few things!

First, move is going and stressful. One more week until packout /o\ (hence my lack of presence here, trying to get things squared away here and at our destination so the move goes smoothly)

Second, Fixing the Hole is now available on AUDIO!! How cool is that?? A few weeks ago Dreamspinner contacted me about auditions, I listened to them, chose my favorite, and now it’s OUT! And it’s AMAZING!!! You can find it here: Fixing the Hole

Third: Just signed a contract with Torquere for Finding Home, it will be part of their First Timers Anthology and also sold on its own (I believe, more on that later). It’s a sequel of sorts to the free read included in Please Don’t Feed The Alligators which came out a year or so ago. Let me tease you with – not only is it the characters’ first time threesome – it’s my first time writing one! More to come šŸ˜€

Fourth: I have a RELEASE NEXT WEEK! How did this happen? How did it sneak up on my like that? No blog tour, no fanfare, just little ole’ me trying to get the word out. *sigh* It’s called Life Happens and it’s part of the Family Time Anthology from Torquere that comes out on the 17th!

Here’s a quick blurb:

After a night of mishaps, Dominic Antonelli doubts his boyfriend Kit Thomas would want to tie himself to their messy family. But Dominic has forgotten there is more to being a family than a piece of paper and a circle of gold.

Just a fun little romp about how life often throws a wrench into the best laid plans. It’s definitely more on the sweet side (with all the stress in RL rn it had to be). I hope you give it a shot. There’s some great stories in the anthology and look at the cover!


And that’s all from me for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’ll be around next week doing some promo!



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