Quickie Update

Hi all,

Just wanted to check in and let you know I’m still alive!

We are moved in, mostly settled, still have some work to do, still getting used to the new/old place. My kitchen is smaller so there’s that šŸ˜¦ And after five years of renters our townhouse is in desperate need of some TLC which we can’t really do right now (too much all at once) so we’ll have to take one thing at a time. Including me getting a job O__O – prayers, well wishes, whatnot for that would be appreciated.

I do have another short story/anthology coming out in August with Torquere. It’s the First Timer’s Anthology and my story is called Finding Home – my first time writing a M/M/M story O__O. Also, it’s shifters šŸ˜€

I really need to update my what I’m reading list because there’s a lot, but that’ll be for another week.

Hope all is well.



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