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HA HA srsly, TGIF! Although really I wish it was next Tuesday already. We are so busy the next five days it is ridiculous. Actually, I should be napping instead of posting right now, but alas, I had some editing to get done and this post to complete so here I am, posting.

First, I completed over 50K for NaNo! I’m not stopping yet, just, the writing is taking a backseat because we have family in town for Thanksgiving, the school musical is this weekend, then Grandparent’s Day and then of course Turkey Day – so yeah, I’ll be lucky if I get much past 50K but I MADE IT and that’s what counts!

I had a GREAT birthday. I will post pics of my loot at the bottom of the post…which means I need to go take them /o\ and load them into a picture thingie. BRB….

Kid got me a Frozen Elsa Adult costume, because he remembered me saying when we were in Orlando that they didn’t have any Elsa t-shirts for adults, only for little girls. He wanted me to have my very own Elsa costume – srsly how cute is that? Hubby – wonderful man that he is, got me some much needed Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume, FOUR Maze Runner posters (Sorry I didn’t unroll those but I can’t hold them AND take a picture – they will eventually be framed so maybe then) and also a GORGEOUS necklace.

Received numerous tweets and emails, so thank you all.

There probably won’t be a post next week, seeing as how it’s Thanksgiving 😀 But hey, maybe a review round up for both Cast the First Stone and Fixing the Hole in two weeks…along with Christmas preps!

Have a great weekend! And a great Turkey Day if you’re in the States. If not, have a great Thursday!


IMG_2734 – All the booty – including some Ghiradelli chocolate I bought for myself

IMG_2735 – Better picture of the perfume and the necklace.

IMG_2736 – 3 of the 4 Maze Runner bookmarks that came with my posters (the kid took one LOL)