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Fun Friday…so to speak

Hey everyone,

Just a brief update.

I have finally started writing again. Attempting a short to submit for Dreamspinner. It’s kind of a hot mess right now and I’m not even sure how to end it so hopefully Button can work some magic just like always. Hot mess aside, at least I wrote something, mostly, hopefully if I just keep plugging away the hot messiness will go away LOL.

Hubs is back from his two week TAD, so that’s good. Everyone is thrilled. The dog wouldn’t leave him alone and the kid never stopped talking LOL.

School has started and mini-minion is loving it so that is a relief.

House is still in need of repair but we are optimistic. And I’m still looking for a job and still optimistic about that as well.

And that is the state of Thrace and family.

Hope all is well with you. Have a great weekend!


Fun Friday

WOW. Haven’t done one of these in a while /o\ Sorry for that. I’m going to go ahead and warn everyone now that from now until about August – posts will not be regular. I’ll try to stick to the M-W-F schedule in terms of DAYS that I post but I’m saying right now I won’t be posting every single M-W-F because we are gearing up for the end of the baseball season, the end of school, and our move. Throw in some writing deadlines on top of that and I’m going to be SUPER busy. I solemnly swear I will try to post at least once a week on one of those days. I know I’m overdue for a Reading Wed so that will probably be next.

In terms of fun, we took the kid (and the grandparents who were visiting) to see the Avengers Double Feature. Had a blast, the movie was awesome, and except for the fact that I worried that a particular character was going to die after a secret was revealed, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Went to see it a second time and enjoyed it more 😀

Also took the kid to see Home – HILARIOUS. So funny.

Hoping this weekend to pull of a double feature of Mad Max and Pitch Perfect 2…we’ll see.

For those of you wondering, I met my two deadlines \o/ – thanks for all the encouragement & cheerleading. I have more coming up. I’ll keep you posted. I have a guest post coming up on May 21 so be sure and stop by for that!

For now…have a GREAT weekend. Enjoy the weather.


Fun Friday

Well, it’s been what, two and half weeks? Three weeks? Thank you Prometric, ANCC, and Dominion Power.

As most of you know, I was scheduled to take my Adult NP certification exam last week in order to renew my certification (since I’m a stay-at-home-mom). Dominion Power came in and said they had to cut power to the entire building and I was in the MIDDLE OF MY EXAM, I literally was on question 130 out of 175 :((((

Long story short, it took a WEEK to get Prometric and ANCC to talk to each other and approve me to resit for the exam, which I did yesterday and PASSED! As my kid would say, “You punched that test in the face, Mommy!”

Somehow, I managed to do this WHILE BEING SICK, because of course I got sick on Tuesday *sigh*.

I am still congested & achy but nowhere near what I was on Wednesday so that is good.

Now that the exam is over, I’m recertified, etc, life can hopefully get back to what resembles normal around here, meaning more posts once I unbury myself from everything I put off in order to study.

Monday I’ll update you on the writing front, Wednesday on the reading front and TODAY – I hope to see Cinderella this weekend 😀 And I sincerely hope to somehow miraculously pull off a double feature AND dinner with the hubs on date night tomorrow night. I will let you know.

Now, I’m going to try to get some editing done before I need to collapse from exhaustion.

Have a great weekend!


Fun Friday

I DID IT! Three posts in ONE WEEK! WOO HOOOOO /

Except this will be short LOL. Kid has been out of school ALL WEEK due to the cold and the snow…so it has not been a very productive week because I’ve had to put all my focus on studying for my certification with what little time I had *sigh* Oh well, hopefully it will warm up this weekend and we’ll be back to normal on Monday.

Baseball evals are this weekend, first time, since we’ve always done soccer, so that should be interesting. DATE NIGHT tonight! We’re going for Indian (it seems to be a favorite for us LOL) and probably to see Project Almanac – I’d rather see Jupiter Ascending, but PA has been out longer & hubs really wants to see it so…Jupiter will have to wait until next weekend I guess. Also, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Kingsman again because that movie was AWESOME. Colin Firth is still SMOKIN’ HOT and he KICKS ASS! And the new kid, Tarton? is a great match for Colin. If you like spies, action, and humor? Yeah, def go see it.

And that’s it. I’m over at the Torquere Social LJ today blogging about weather, and what I’m currently editing and writing. Stop on by and have a chat.

Have a great weekend.


Fun Friday

Wow, thank goodness it’s Friday!!!!

And I don’t even know what to talk about :/ Kid’s bday was last weekend or rather earlier this week. Had a MASSIVE celebration on Saturday – went to Chuck E. Cheese with a friend, then out to see Paddington (which was surprisingly entertaining! I would definitely go see it again) and then home for dinner, cake and ice cream.

Friday night was date night, we went to Olive Garden and then to see Into the Woods. Not that impressed. I don’t know what I was expecting, but not that. And frankly, the movie could have ended at a particular point and I would have been MUCH MUCH happier. Definitely NOT one I would see again, paid, free, or otherwise. Sad too because I adore Anna Kendrick and Christopher Pine.

Hubs was sick this week, actually took Monday and Tuesday off from work. MANFLU. And lo and behold this morning I woke up with a sore throat. And today is our Sixteenth Wedding Anniversary. Awesome. We do have dinner plans and other then a minor sore throat I’m feeling fine. *fingers crossed* I don’t get as sick as he did.

Tomorrow we take the kid to fondue for the final birthday dinner LOL. I made spaghetti for him on his actual birthday.

And that’s about it for Fun Friday. Hope you all have a great weekend and HOPEFULLY I won’t be too sick or exhausted to post Manic Monday!



Fun Friday or Friday Fun? You Decide…

Wow! Look! Two posts in one week! Can you believe it? HA HA I can’t either.

I thought I would start doing a Fun Friday or a Friday Fun posts – which do you think sounds better? Anyway, it’s where I post about fun things we’ve done 😀

For this one I’m going all the way back to DECEMBER! For the first time ever, we pulled our kid out of school and took him to the Hobbit Marathon. He had not seen the first two movies (as he really wasn’t old enough) but with Avengers, and all the Marvel movies, we figured it was time.

He did really well. He did get a teeny bit restless at times and every once in a while would lean over and say “Mommy? Is this part scary?” SO CUTE. All in all he enjoyed the movies quite a bit and for like the entire week following he couldn’t stop talking about it.

For Christmas we got him The Lego Hobbit Wii U game and boy howdy did he like that! We all did. We haven’t finished it yet, but we’ve had fun playing it. It’s a bit frustrating for me because I’m still learning the Wii U (shut up, I LOVE my PS2 and I STILL play Buffy and KICK ASS too!) but we’re working it. Bought the hubs (and myself) The Walking Dead game…hubs got EASILY frustrated and I had to remind him several times how long it took us to work through the PS2 Buffy game the first time LOL. We’re still working through The Walking Dead.

And that is my story for today 😀

Hope everyone has a great weekend!