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Just Another Manic Monday

Hi everyone! *waves*

I’M BACK!!!!!

And wow, it feels good!!! First things first, obviously, I passed my certification exam so that is a HUGE load off my shoulders / WOOOO HOOOOOO

Second, I sent off “Life Happens” a short story for the Torquere Family Time Anthology *fingers crossed* they accept it.

So what am I working on? HA HA HA HA HA My plate is so full /o\ I signed up for the GoodReads Love Is An Open Road Event – you can find the prompt I chose here: Obviously, it is top priority right now seeing as how the deadline is May 1, 2015 O__O

Next up is a submission for the Torquere First Times Anthology – still very much a work in progress.

Still continuing to edit my Navy NP/Ortho Doc novel from NaNo way back when. Also editing, A Pinch Of Salt – the sequel to A Watched Demon Always Boils. When those two finish I’m thinking about pulling out the NaNo I did AFTER the Navy NP/Ortho Doc and edit it and see about subbing it someplace.

Then along with all of that, I’m contemplating something for the Torquere Exchange of Power Anthology, the Sleigh Ride Dreamspinner Advent Calendar, and the Torquere Love in Uniform Anthology.

I’m still working on a sequel to Cast The First Stone and I’m starting to have thoughts about a sequel to Fixing The Hole. And yes, that het novel is still poking at me…

So there you have it, all that I’m working on O__O. If you have anything you’d like to see in either the sequel to Cast The First Stone or Fixing The Hole – drop me a comment, I cannot make ANY guarantees, but it’s always nice to hear what people want.

Until Wednesday, have a great couple of days!




HA HA srsly, TGIF! Although really I wish it was next Tuesday already. We are so busy the next five days it is ridiculous. Actually, I should be napping instead of posting right now, but alas, I had some editing to get done and this post to complete so here I am, posting.

First, I completed over 50K for NaNo! I’m not stopping yet, just, the writing is taking a backseat because we have family in town for Thanksgiving, the school musical is this weekend, then Grandparent’s Day and then of course Turkey Day – so yeah, I’ll be lucky if I get much past 50K but I MADE IT and that’s what counts!

I had a GREAT birthday. I will post pics of my loot at the bottom of the post…which means I need to go take them /o\ and load them into a picture thingie. BRB….

Kid got me a Frozen Elsa Adult costume, because he remembered me saying when we were in Orlando that they didn’t have any Elsa t-shirts for adults, only for little girls. He wanted me to have my very own Elsa costume – srsly how cute is that? Hubby – wonderful man that he is, got me some much needed Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume, FOUR Maze Runner posters (Sorry I didn’t unroll those but I can’t hold them AND take a picture – they will eventually be framed so maybe then) and also a GORGEOUS necklace.

Received numerous tweets and emails, so thank you all.

There probably won’t be a post next week, seeing as how it’s Thanksgiving 😀 But hey, maybe a review round up for both Cast the First Stone and Fixing the Hole in two weeks…along with Christmas preps!

Have a great weekend! And a great Turkey Day if you’re in the States. If not, have a great Thursday!


IMG_2734 – All the booty – including some Ghiradelli chocolate I bought for myself

IMG_2735 – Better picture of the perfume and the necklace.

IMG_2736 – 3 of the 4 Maze Runner bookmarks that came with my posters (the kid took one LOL)