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Still Alive and Kicking (And Friend Promo)

Hi all,

I’m putting all the goodies under a cut!

Quick health update. I had my (hopefully) third and final surgery at the end of July. I see the surgeon in a few weeks for (what I think will be) the final check up and then it’s just follow ups and Tamoxifen and also iron because WOW I’m still low on iron. I’m feeling much better and much happier with ~things since the surgery, it definitely feels more natural, so there’s that.

Work is still going well, I enjoy it, I LOVE the people I work with and most of all? I don’t dread going to work! I actually enjoy it when I’m there and I consider my coworkers friends and look forward to seeing them.

However, working (even part time) and recovering from surgery is way more exhausting then I ever would have thought. And most times (on my days off) I end up choosing a nap over writing or editing. That said – I did manage to write 1295 words of self-indulgent fanfic on Wednesday – I’m hoping to finish it today, we’ll see. I’m kind of writing what I want? In the hopes that it will lead me back to my original stuff. This is the first I’ve written in probably over a year – so I’m pretty happy, but cautiously optimistic as well. I expect it will be much like my attempts at working out – Start low and Go Slow.

So all that boring info aside, I have two books to promote for friends today!

First is Resistance by Lillian Francis. (You all know her as Choccygrl) It’s book one in her Village Love Series. And BOY HOWDY it’s a good one. And I’m editing Book 2 right now and LOVING it. So give her some love, go check out her book (she’s self-publishing the ENTIRE series – so if we like it we need to support it) – so we can get more on all of these characters! I want to know EVERYONE’S STORY!

So check out the blurb and all the links below!

Second is Velvet Claw by L J Hamlin. She has got to be one of the sweetest people I know and has been a huge cheerleader for me1 Her writing is fun and hot. Check out her info below as well! (This is not an endorsement of any particular publisher – this is support for a fellow author and friend.)

Thanks for stopping by! If I can, I will try to post once a month, maybe – if I remember or if someone pokes me. I’d like to get back to regular posting, but I think I need to get back to regular writing/editing first.


<33333 Katherine

Currently available exclusively at Amazon and to borrow on Kindle Unlimited. Universal Amazon link:

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And you can find Velvet Claw from LJ Hamlin by clicking on the title.

Here’s the Blurb:

Researching and finding cures for illnesses is what Dr. Evan Kidd does best. When he’s asked to help determine what’s making the children of Felis Forest sick, he can’t say no. Evan accepts, and even understands, why Rene has to follow him around town. It’s not every day a human is allowed in the “cat people only” town. But being attracted to someone who doesn’t trust him, much less like him, brings back painful reminders of his past.

Rene has plenty of his own baggage and having to shadow a human—who happens to be a doctor—isn’t helping. Evan challenges all Rene’s preconceived notions about humans and about himself. If they can survive all the obstacles while uncovering the truth, they might just discover they aren’t so different after all.

Alive and Kicking!

Hey everyone!

Long time no speak. This post is for who asked if I was leaving LJ/DW for good and I told her I wasn’t and that I would post soon…so here I am, posting.

What’s been going on:

Health – I had my bilateral mastectomy back in January. They did find breast cancer (stage 0/stage 1) in BOTH breasts, so having them do both sides was obviously a good decision. I go in for my final reconstruction surgery at the end of July. Based on the size and staging of the tumors and a lengthy discussion with the oncologist we decided simply taking Tamoxifen was the best course of action. I’ll be on it for 5-10 years. The only ‘side effect’ I’ve experienced so far has been fatigue, and frankly most of that can be attributed to the significant iron deficiency I developed post surgery. So now I’m on iron pills LOL.

Work – One of the nurses I work with left for another job closer to her house and I was given the opportunity to absorb her hours into my schedule. It’s not much money but it IS money coming and I’m happy, hubby is happy that I’M happy so any search for a new job has been temporarily suspended. Which also makes me happy 😀

Family – School is over, it turned out to be an AMAZING year so we’re happy about that. My in-laws are taking the entire family (us & my sister-in law’s family & my MIL’s sister) to the UK for two weeks – we’ll spend time in London, Scotland, Wales (YES I’M GOING TO IANTO’S SHRINE!!!!!) and then back through other parts of England. After that trip the kid will be going to spend some time with my parents while the hubs and I go back to work.

Writing – I have not written anything significant. There have been a few spurts here and there, but nothing concentrated. HOWEVER – With Lillian Francis’ encouragement, I’ve started making plans to self-publish ALL my old short stories in two single-author anthologies. It will be quite a while before they come out seeing as how I’m just now in the planning stages, but it is in the works. And again thanks to her encouragement along with LJ Hamlin I am FINALLY back into editing one of my completed novels. I’m making NO estimates as to when I might be submitting it, I’m still trying to find my footing, but at least I’m working on it. So there’s that.

It feels really good to be writing/editing again. I feared it would never come back. I’m still only editing, but I’m hopeful that eventually I will be actively writing again. I went through my WIP folder and there are so many WIPs that I’m hopeful once I get my feet wet with this editing that something will inspire me.

And finally – I want to thank all of you for your prayers, your well wishes, your thoughts, and your support. This has been a really hard time for the Thrace family and I wouldn’t have made it through without my friends. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I’ll check back in probably in August after my surgery.

Have a great summer!

Katherine H (Thrace)

Under The Knife

Nope, that’s not the title of a new book, I wish. My muse has been on an indefinite vacation, first due to the move, then due to the job search (which is still ongoing, although I am working part-time), and finally due to my health.

Last month I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ. Given my family history and my own personal history, I will be going under the knife on Monday and having a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.

So, my blog, this journal, my twitter, etc, are on hiatus until I feel well enough to deal with social media again. I won’t even attempt to catch up when I come back. I’d rather not have the stress of being behind and frankly, I’d just like to start fresh. I may or may not reply to comments, it will depend on how I’m feeling both physically and mentally. Please understand, I will read them and I do appreciate them.

I will miss all of you and I will see you on the flip side.